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Friday Update 11-20-2020

Friday Night Update For 11-20-22 Blessed Portion "Help us spread your love out farther"

Hello Everyone:

Tonight thanks to Tracy White, Rhonda Powell, Amber Gaskill, Nick Reinoehl, Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441, Ellen Hackett, Kristi Polcsak we had turkey, mashed potatoes, chicken and noodles and lots of pie!!! These people rolled out a feast for our friends and we can not thank them enough for all they do. To be at work and still make time to cook and put it all together and then come serve is a huge task!!! Thank you everyone please know we love you and your keeping many bellies full.

We had some cool weather but still pretty decent and many people who came to eat and hang out. The main need was clothing, hygiene items along with socks. So thank you for all the donations you keep sending our way. We do ask since its just Tommy and I sorting that only men's clothing comes in as we do not have a need for other clothing. If we do have a need for women we will go and purchase it. Thankyou.

We took time to go around and hear what people are thankful for and we heard things like: thankful for a job, health, friends, family and for God. One special lady told us how she once not too long ago hated a person based on the hurt they caused her and the family. She recently found out this person has covid and that has changed her mind. She said she no longer hates them and is praying for them. She's not so much on the "love" them part yet, but she's making progress and allowing God to show her what she should do. I love her honesty about what she is going through and its very commendable.

Was able to see some that have not been around in awhile and that makes us smile. One friend we haven't seen since the summer and tonight he was as he always is...smiling and happy!! Also heard some bad news in that one of our lady friends suffered an attack last week and was taken to the hospital. Heard she is doing ok but she was severely shaken up...please pray for all the women outside its not easy being outside at all.

We are thankful to everyone who donates to this ministry because when someone needs a jacket etc we can say "I have one." We also are bringing people to church still and its been amazing to see new faces coming each Sunday. The list is growing and I know God is on the move....I love that God is always pursuing us don't you?

The quote from the top of this post came from a new volunteer who prayed us out as we call it (We always pray at the end of our night as a team.) He prayed that we would be able to spread His love farther out and I think that is exactly true. We all can love farther out and bigger if we choose to do so.

Have a good week everyone and remember we are still filling our Christmas bags so take a look at our post and see if you would want to donate some items to fill them. We listed items but if someone wants to donate more then the number of the item listed we are happy to take those to fill the bags up!!! Thanks everyone.


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