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Friday Update

Friday Night Update For 5-21-2021

Hello Everyone:

Tonight Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441 brought fried chicken, potato salad, cookies, baked beans, and drinks...I had a piece of chicken, and it was good! Thank you so much to Hallmark for being so faithful to serving every month for several years now....we are extremely grateful.

We had a pretty good number of people show up, and it's nice in that we now have good weather, and it stays light longer. We talked with CC, who is going in soon to have her baby boy. So happy for her and excited to meet little James soon. We talked with a friend who brought his son down, and it was nice to meet him- cute little boy for sure. So many of our friends have children, and many are also separated from them, which is hard.

We also got to talk to a sweet friend who we have missed seeing. She looks happy and healthy-- cannot tell you how happy we are to see her being in a better place. Life on the streets is super hard but even harder for women. Sometimes decisions are made by women because they need safety, and that means they pick people to be with, so they are at least not alone, but those relationships end up costing them sometimes more than the streets would cost so to see our friend in a better place makes us happy.

Russel Shafer also shared how excited he was to get baptized on Sunday. He is truly happy and that makes us happy. He has had a long hard road, but he is doing it. He is sober and has been for 5 years, has given his life over to God and even though he and I argue over the Seahawks (because he just wont give in and love them like I do) he's a great friend. I love seeing the process unfold of people who are unsure of others and God , to then making a public declaration of Jesus as their Lord. God is good. Many people may not feel what we or other teams do downtown as a mission field, but it is. Those people who have now come to learn and trust in Jesus would also tell you its a mission field. Anywhere people can be reached for Jesus is a mission field and we all need to remember we do not have to go to Africa, or a remote place for there to be people who need Jesus....its all around us everywhere. Russel isn't and wasn't homeless when we became friends with him....he was just down there. He was eyeing us out and trying to figure out who we were and if he wanted to trust us or not. We didn't do anything except love on him and help him see Jesus was worth trusting...and he accepted it and allowed The Holy Spirit to work and we are thankful.

Thank you to everyone who supports us each week in many ways- we couldn't do it without you. Have a great week everyone.


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