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Friday Update 1-31-2020

Hello Everyone:

This update is sorry. We had a great time Friday night as we saw so many have full bellies with ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, rolls, bananas and blueberries thanks to Amber Gaskill. Thank you so much for making a feast for everyone...there was plenty to go around.

One of the wonderful things that happened Friday was we were able to help a friend get some things together and finally be off the streets. He didn't realize with the resources he gets he is able to have some shelter. He needed a couple days to get him started though and so we helped with two nights, food, hygiene, clothes and he was SO happy. He was excited knowing he would be able to watch the Super Bowl in his own place and thankful for the help to get him started. THANKFUL to so many who support this ministry so we could help him.

Saturday we joined many others in celebrating the life of John Powers. We stood with others who loved him, listened to the stories of how he impacted people, and saw his family who is mourning and together we all walked away missing our mutual friend. We heard others share how John was kind, never complaining, had a great wit about him, loved Jesus and we know those things to be true as well. He will be missed, but we are thankful he is whole and made new in heaven.

That is the bright spot pertaining to death for those who are in's knowing there is an eternity with Jesus Christ. Being with the One who created all things, who is love, peace, healing- awe the love of Christ!! I am so thankful for that!! That is what we also do on Fridays.....share the goodness of God Almighty with others and do what we can to help show them there is hope!!

Thank you everyone for all your support and love!!!


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