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Friday Update 1-24-2020

(Friday Night Update By Nick Reinoehl)

Tonight was a pretty low key, yet amazing night. Tommy and Gina were attending a family function for their Son. They might be a little crazy for giving the reigns of the van to no one other than “The Hot Guy In The Mini Van With The Lanyard”. Lol

At our first stop their was a few new faces and several familiar faces. As we were setting up it started to drizzle so we set up 3 canopies to keep our friends out of the weather while eating.

The folks from Granite Ridge served up a wonderful home cooked meal. It was made up of yummy ham, super cheesy potatoes, a roll and Oreos!! 😋

As we prayed for our meal there was mention of our friend Batman having several seizures recently, another that his girlfriend had told him not to come home tonight and another that was thankful for his first paycheck.

Our message for the night was about the suit of armor that God places on us if we are willing to accept Him into our hearts, mind, body and soul. He tells us to give the start of our day to Him, put this suit on and protect us from the daily encounters and wrongful things that the devil may tempt us with. The most amazing part is God will protect us of all the wrongful things of this world if we follow Him and allow Him into our lives. It’s not always easy to do the right thing,but the promise God gives us to enjoy the eternal life in Heaven is so worth it! Thank you Rochelle for that wonderful message and prayer.

As we arrived at the mission a lot of our brothers came to assist us in carrying the items in and with great smiles they told us thank you for coming. As we were getting ready to eat I asked for volunteers to say prayer. I could have heard a pin drop. Then from the other side of the room a young man raised his hand and said he would say prayer. It was a beautiful prayer. I will say it’s not always easy to say a prayer when not prepared for it but these men are stepping up to the plate and blow me away. I’m thankful to see their growth in Faith!

The message was given again by Rochelle.

I spoke with a young man tonight that just got out of prison. He told me a lot about his past and that his faith in the Father has grown tremendously in the last year. He said he had a rough upbringing and blamed God for a lot of it. He said he lost both of his parents at young age and was then pushed to live on the streets at the age of 17 in Detroit. He joined a carnival just to survive. On the road he said his life was drug down even farther than he could imagine. He was doing all the things he knew were wrong but never was told about being a Christian. He said he was stealing and beating people up just to live. That was all he knew. Then one day a man told him he should attend church with him. He said why? I don’t believe he can save me. The man he was talking to said you would be a lot worse off and possibly dead if it weren’t for God watching over you. He said that day and ever since then he has been living his life for God. He said it still brings chills to him every time he talks about it. I could feel his emotion and excitement to have God in his life. He asked about attending church and said he reads his Bible often.

There was three people sleeping outside that we left meals by their side to wake up to.

I would like to thank my bodyguards Kathryn, Rochelle, and Jenni for the great conversations and keeping me safe. Great teamwork Ladies! Thank you Granite Ridge peeps, Jacquie, Lori, Robin, Tracy, Jackson, Scott and Stacy for all your help tonight.


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