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Friday Update 1-10-20

Matthew 11:28 "Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest."

Hello Everyone,

What would you say people generally need? Is it money? A good job? A spouse ? A family? I think the answer depends on who you ask for sure....but GOD would say we need Him. I love the verse with this post because it doesn't say we cannot be WEARY, or can't have just reminds us He is the answer when we feel this way. Oftentimes I think as Christians we can paint a picture if we accept Jesus everything will all be ok. No problems and its all roses and rainbows. Truth is, this world is full of evil, hatred, violence, betrayal, self indulgence and on and on, and wont end because it's not a perfect world, and not everyone will commit their life to Christ. So for those of us who have committed to Jesus Christ, we are still in process and its hard. Its hard to lay our burdens, anger, frustration, un-forgiveness, addictions etc at the foot of the cross because we are not in control anymore.

Tonight there were a few friends who are at their limit with life and people. Men who just don't care anymore because they do not see the point and most likely do not trust Christ. Its hard for us a team to see goodness in our friends and realize they don't see it. Hard to hear people wanting to die, because they don't have anyone in their life and therefore nothing matters. One friend mentioned how he desperately wants to be in Heaven with his mom one day and yet he struggles with so many issues, feels alone and questions if he will go to Heaven. That conversation will hopefully continue on next week.

We also met a lot of new people as there seems to be more and more finding themselves in shelters or on the streets. Many are like the man in this picture....worn out, exhausted and cant hardly stand up. I myself have been there before and I can say its not easy laying our burdens down and letting Christ do His work because that means we are not in control and for me that can be hard. I do believe though we all need to be more transparent in our rough seasons to others. People need to hear when we feel worn out, tired, mentally and physically drained and that God does hold us up and gives our minds rest...IF we let him.

As we start this new year lets remember we all are in process and no one has it all together. We are a world of imperfect people who are in need of strength, humility, compassion, character, kindness, love, forgiveness, honesty and again forgiveness. Let's remember this picture and verse for this next year that Jesus came for all and just when we start to forget that it includes us and our sinful nature, that God would remind us again of our need for Him!!

We did have a wonderful night and it was nice to be able to say goodbye to an old friend. He is heading back to be with his family once again and we will miss seeing his orneriness and sweet face. Been friends since we first started this ministry and we are thankful for him!! Looking forward to 2020 and seeing and being a small part of what God has for us. Thank you for supporting us in all the ways you do -we love all of you!!

Tommy and Gina and team!


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