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Friday Night Update For 10-8-21

Exodus 14:5-29 - (Bible Reading Challenge from the week before)

Hello Everyone-

The weather turned dark and rainy about 40 minutes after we got there but we were still able to get everything done and no one was soaking wet. The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Fort Wayne made the famous Chicken and rice that we love so much, included in the meal were Zianos breadsticks, fresh salad, and donuts, and water. They make the best chicken and rice I have ever had. My friend Jimmy who is in the picture for the past two weeks has brought us hygiene items to pass out....and so, of course, I said "Jimmy I'm taking your picture!" He has been such a good friend since we started 10 years ago and we love and appreciate him.

Talked with a new lady who was explaining her situation and how she is battling depression given her and her husband's living situation. They are not outside but being in a basement with no windows for them is hard. She also shared how they are trying to stay sober and with depression, it's harder to not be depressed. Sweet lady though and she said she will try to keep coming and at least get a good meal.

Also, we heard from several who read the passage about how the Israelites were given permission to leave from Pharoah and were then faced with the Red Sea in front of them and the army of the Pharaoh behind them. Talk about feeling like there is no way out, nowhere to go. The Israelites were mad at what they seeing and they made it known. God then told Moses that he was to lift his staff and the Red Sea would part and so it did. They were able to walk on DRY GROUND all night long and when they were all across, the waters closed in on Pharaoh's army them and they drowned in the sea. Some said their take on the story was that whatever bondage a person is in God can deliver them. Another said God is God and once again it shows us how powerful and majestic He is.

So we do the Bible challenges each week to try and get people in their Bibles and hear what it means to them and it's been so much fun learning from each other.

We gave away some much-needed socks, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jeans. Please check your closets and see if you have any men's clothing, tennis shoes, jackets, boots, and tennis shoes we would so appreciate it. We do not need any women's clothing so please just men's at this time. Our drop off sites are Pathway Community Church in Fort Wayne, Mjs Apparel in Garrett, and Hamilton church of Christ in Hamilton. Thank you Everyone!!


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