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Friday night update

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 5-8-2020 Hello Everyone-- These bright colored flowers were a batch left over from what we brought Friday to give to our mama friends downtown. Something about pretty flowers always cheers a person up. We have many mama's who are unable to be with their children and or many who have had miscarriages and its very hard. Flowers certainly do not replace sadness or loss but they can help a person feel for just a moment they are loved, thought about and make them smile!!! Now we always have a few people who just make us laugh and Friday that was our friend Ricky!! He decided he needed a batch of flowers and so we gave him some....I guess flowers can even make a man smile!!!

One friend wanted us to hear his "Mama" story. He shared how when he was little there was a kid on the bus who bullied and hit him. When he got home his mom had asked what happened to him and he told her. She then asked if he did anything about far as standing up for himself when he was getting hit? He said no. She told him he needed to stand up for himself and what was right and if he didn't she wasn't going to be happy. So he went to school and on the bus the kid started in again...and our friend "stood up for himself". He came home and told his mama the whole story and according to him he was treated better than ever for the 3 days he was suspended from school. He shared the story because he was saying how his mom was strong and encouraged him to stand up for himself in all things, how she was mom and dad to him. How that his mom was known for being strong and loving. The story sure brought smiles and laughter for this man and all of us as he shared it.

It's always so interesting to hear about others and the life they have lived. Many times it is painful and full of loss and sadness and yet many times there are a few good moments as well to hear about. Just like a man we talked with tonight who is ex military and found himself on the streets. He shared alot of his life and some changes that need to happen and he seemed ready and willing to make a phone call that would change things for him. Hard to see a man cry in pain and see fear on his face for the uncertainly they are facing while trying to find a place to sleep on the streets. Hoping things work out for him as he said we might not see him the coming week.

We want to thank Jackie Mangas and her Greek Ladies Team for again making the best Chicken and Rice meal ever!! Seriously their Chicken and rice is amazing and we were happy to see them again!! They brought many bags of donated items and several of those bags were about empty as we left. It was a windy night so gloves, hats, blankets were well received!!! Were hoping to be able to start donations as soon as our drop off sites open again, but not sure when that will be. Please though hold those items your wanting to donate if possible as we need them.

Thank you to all who give to us and serve....;we love you !!!


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