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Blessed Portion Update For January 1, 2021

Hello Everyone,

Friday night Toby Hendrickson cooked dinner for everyone- he made pasta penne, had salad, breadsticks and it was good!! We are so thankful for Toby and his hard work of getting his life on track and now he cooked for us!! Funny how things work out and yet when God is involved BIG things always happen. We didn't have too many come down but we had a few and it was nice to chat.

Met our friend's daughter for the first time and she looks just like her mama! Such a sweet lady and mom was happy to be spending time with her daughter.

After we ended our time downtown we headed over to meet with a few friends who are in a hotel and doing well, just need a little extra help. They are doing well and paying their bills and for that we all smile. Nice to see people getting off the streets and doing well, and she made me this cute monkey. She makes a lot of things with yarn and is very talented. She is hoping to make more and sell them.

After that, we headed to see our friend's new apartment which by the way was his first time seeing it as well. It will work perfectly for him and with a little fixing up it will look so great. The carpet in the bedroom is not good at all so we are looking to put down a huge area rug before we put a bed in there. So if anyone has a big rug that is pretty neutral please let me know. We will also need a small love seat, hopefully, a recliner chair, one small coffee table, one small dresser, a bed frame and mattress set, a vacuum, maybe two lamps with one end table and one nightstand.

So our night was only about an hour downtown because of the cold, and thankfully we had some coats with us as one man only had a hoodie on, and we handed out several pairs of socks. Thank you, everyone, for donating each week, we so appreciate your generosity!!!


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