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Blessed Portion Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update- 12-31-21

“Thank you for making time for me”

Hello Everyone,

Tonight, we had a traditional New Year’s Eve dinner. Pork, sauerkraut, salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cookies!! I heard one friend say “Really…you have sauerkraut?” and got himself a plate. We haven’t seen him in about a year and a half, so we were happy to talk with him. He shared how drugs is ruining him and yet he doesn’t know how to stop. He knows Fort Wayne very well and knows that he could go to The Rescue Mission, but he won’t. He didn’t give me a reason as to why not, so we just encouraged him to seek help. We also found out that a friend of ours has a job!!! He will make pretty good money and is hoping to start saving some money for a hotel each week. He doesn’t have a car, so he will ride his bike which would take him a half hour or so to get to work.

Had several who needed warm items, blankets, and hand warmers and thankfully we had plenty!! Thank you for cleaning out your closets for those we serve, it means a lot to everyone.

We also took a plate of food to an old friend, and he always welcomes us in his spot. We always pray with him before we go, and we did. As we were walking off, he said “Thank you for making time for me.” Our team got silent suddenly and Tommy said “Of course!” As we walked back to our cars it was heavy on hearts to hear that. As we have talked many times in these posts----it’s important to sit and listen and be there for one another. We were there maybe 15 minutes, but for him that 15 minutes meant a lot. It seems that is something everyone wants don’t you think? To know that someone would give them a few minutes of their time for you and be intentional at that moment! That is what we try so hard to do…to make everyone understand we do care; we will listen, and we will help however we can.

Last stop was at The 13th Step House and there were a few men there to talk with. We had plenty of food, so we left it with them. They are on their own on the weekends, so it’s nice we had enough to share. We got to see Toby and he is recovering well from his surgery. He has several visible outward cut marks from the surgery, but he is going to recover, and we are thankful. It’s interesting in that Jesus had holes in His hands and feet, a sword stuck in his side……for US TO RECOVER!! He took those horrible marks so we could be with Him one day, so we could be whole and spend eternity with him. It cost Him everything. As with Toby for him to be better he had to endure some outward marks and they will scar most likely but each time he sees them he will be thankful because he knows it was worth it. He will know and appreciate that his life was spared. Same way with our Lord and Savior. So has we start this new year let’s look at things we can do better, ways we can fully be intentional with Jesus, ways we can be the light to those who are experiencing darkness and just give them TIME!!

Thank you everyone for your help, we appreciate it so much. Remember to go to church this week. Maybe offer to be someone’s ride and buy them a coffee afterwards. Never know it may just change their life forever and just possibly yours a well!


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