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Blessed Portion Update

Friday Update For September 3, 2021 Hello Everyone,

"Sometimes you just need to sit and listen."

Tonight Toby Hendrickson and the 13th step house brought spaghetti, cookies, salad and it was just the right amount. We are so thankful for Toby leading his crew in serving others in such a profound way.

Last week we gave the challenge of reading the story of Jonah and we had a few people who read it and it was nice to hear their perspective. One lady was not there when we gave out the challenge, but she already knew the story and shared her thoughts.

So thanks to one of the guys who served the idea came to read about Job next. So the challenge is to read about what Jobs 3 friends thought was good advice to Job and what he was going through and also what Gods thoughts were as well..........should be very interesting!!

We also celebrated two birthdays with a cake and card...may seem silly but it's important we feel to let people know their life matters!! I think people deep down enjoy it!

Tonight as we went to a few spots to see if anyone was there we ran across an old friend and we gave him some dinner--actually two dinners! We talked for a few and tried to catch up as he was indoors for a bit but we had heard some rumors he was back outside so we caught up. We were there a few minutes and we wanted to let him eat in peace so we started to leave...he then said "Sometimes you just have to sit and listen" and so we sat back down. We listened as he shared some thoughts concerning the Bible and his views on it all. We do not quite understand his point of view but we did "Sit and Listen." Did it mean something to him? I don't know for sure, but I do know what he said makes sense and we need to take some more intentional time with others... and just be there. We have said from the beginning of this ministry that we are always being taught something and that was our take away from the night!

We did give out some items people needed and are thankful for all of you who keep giving and giving....thank you so much! Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace summit church,@Hamilton church of Christ, Renee Eich- Curneal, Christina King, Cherrilyn Thomas, Randy Thomas, Mr Swartz, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, for those of you who drop off items thankyou!!!

Currently, we are in need of book bags, men's tennis shoes, underwater or boxers, and blankets. PLEASE NO WOMEN's CLOTHING> We have been getting some donated and we cannot use them so please remember just men's clothing only. Have a great week everyone!


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