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Blessed Portion Update 12-6-19

Hello Everyone,

I had to pick up 59 pizzas tonight for our friends tonight at Little Caesars. Mind you the counter space in there isn't much so when they are setting 59 pizzas on the counter it draws alot of attention. Thankfully there were some kind people waiting for their pizzas offering to help me load the pizzas into my van. Very quickly it looked like a sauna in there as the windows immediately fogged up! I didn't want to roll the window down, because I wanted to keep them somewhat warm. As I was ready to pull out I heard a little knock on my window (My oozing window.) When I rolled it down it was a woman and she asked if I ran a homeless shelter? (The cash register man asked why I had so many pizzas and I told him my husband and I ran a homeless ministry and these were for them- so I'm guessing this woman overheard it.) I told her we helped the homeless, and she grabbed my hand and put all this change and a few dollar bills in it, saying with a big smile on her face "Merry Christmas" and went to her car. So naturally I teared up and was in awe, and I will never forget her sweet face-what a great way to start the night off.

Tonight we saw an old friend in his SMALL area trying to keep some of the wind off of him. Hopefully he will be able to stay somewhat warm and out of sight. As we walked away I thought about all of those who are no longer with us......SO MANY!!! Thought about all the conversations we had with them and how there are no more for now. So many have fought to stay alive clinging on to some small ounce of hope that things will turn around for them. Many have seen that hope come to pass and some are still working on it. Some are trying not to take their life because of the belief that things will never change, and some just are trying to get through the day. Then there are those sweet women from Charis House who faithfully come each week to help us serve others..... LOVE IT!!! These women amaze me for their tenacity, strength, love for God and themselves!! God is doing some amazing work and we just want to say thank you for helping us.

We are thankful for so many of you that make each Friday and Sunday happen. When we do not have to tell anyone "Sorry we don't have room for you to come to church today" that is because of YOU. Knowing people can come to church and worship is the best way to end the week. So many do not have cars and knowing we can get people there is amazing.


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