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Blessed Portion Update 12/11/2020

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we were very busy and it was a lot of fun. We were able to visit some friends who are having Christmas indoors this year. What a blessing to see so many inside nice and warm. Christmas trees do not fix anything, but they sure bring some cheer to a home. One friend said the last time he was able to decorated a tree he was 6 years old!! It's amazing how many friends God has brought our way and we love staying connected with them.

We also had a great prayer time as we talked about letting go of the control we want for our own lives. Sure is easy to try and "Make your own way" and if God isn't included in that, there can be many problems. We also had a few who wanted to accept Christ and you know that is exactly why we are downtown.

Had some cool moments as well. One of our friends was reunited with some of our volunteers that she hasn't seen in years...I wish you could have seen her face when she saw them! Also the man who last week went into a halfway house came down and he is now getting hooked up with a ministry at Pathway. He wants to give back and likes to handy work, so Todd Plimpton was there and was able to make a connection with him. So were busy on many levels and we are so thankful for all of you donate items. We gave out all our coats and many clothing items....thank you!!

**** Remember we are needing all items for the Christmas bags by Tuesday as that is when we are packing them. Thank you all very much!!


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