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Blessed Portion Update

Hello Everyone,

Tommy and I were not there Friday but heard that the food made by Ezra-Gabriel Kokonaing consisting of rice, and egg rolls were yummy. Thank you Ezra for making dinner and thanks to Kathy Coughlin Hartman for organizing it all and serving.

Not too many came out, but from what we heard it was nice to know that people who came out had food to eat. Thank you to those who gave up their Christmas night to make sure others had a meal. It was cold for sure and again we have an amazing team who are selfless and we are blessed.

**Also on the Christmas video that was made, Facebook has fact checked it for whatever reason because of the stimulus bill........makes no sense. But if you see that just click view and you will be able to see it. Not sure why that is but who knows, but take a look and see what a great night we had.

Have a great week everyone ......


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