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Blessed Portion Friday Update 9-20-19

Blessed Portion Friday Update 9-20-19

Hello Everyone,

BIG thanks to Hallmark Mortgage for bringing mashed potatoes, beef and noodles, rolls, salad, watermelon and we had plenty of desserts!! This team like the Greek ladies brings more then enough food and so we were able to offer seconds and had some left overs as well. We are truly thankful for everyone who helps us feed those we serve--thank you so much!!!

Tonight we had good weather and a peaceful evening. Met a few new people and heard some amazing testimonies. One man shared how he was deep in addiction to alcohol and drugs. While heading to work he heard "Put down the alcohol." So he went home, emptied all the beer cans as well as the hard liquor....and has not picked up that habit again. He shared how for a month after that he still had thoughts of drinking, but has not given in. He said at the time he WASN'T a Christ follower. He had though been asking God for a long time to speak to him and He did. A short time after that, he he was on his way to work and heard a certain book of the Bible come to his mind. The thing is he had no idea that this was a book in the Bible. He went and got a Bible and read the book that he heard....and again he knew and still knows it was God. As he talked tonight he shared how he feels overwhelmed by the presence of God that he continually feels. He also though shared how he struggles with suicide at times. That is as well overwhelming, but he is not giving up and realizes God has truly always been aware of him!! So we took some time and prayed together over his mind and heart. Prayed that God will continue to show Himself strong to him, silence the enemies lies that seem to be so loud and deafening at times....and prayed for the joy of the Lord to be his strength.

It is always so encouraging to hear others share their personal stories of how God is working in their life. Its hard to hear the struggles as well, but what a honor it is to pray for people as well. It is also incredibly humbling for our team when others share their past and current struggles and failures. It truly shines the light on us at times of our own that we can fail to allow others to pray for us with the things we struggle with because we refuse to share. We are consistently reminded as well that there there is healing in truth, humility in letting others in, and it reveals the power, presence and comfort of God in our lives.

So as always this week brought much smiles, much prayer and love. We had the pleasure of praying with many and just enjoyed being with our friends. Truly God is good and we are so thankful we are allowed to serve God in this manner each week.

Next Friday is our 2019 Fundraiser and we would appreciate your support if possible. We are selling " Dinner tickets" to purchase tickets) which will be hosted by Zianos Italian Eatery. Each ticket will provide you with a dinner of Ziano's spaghetti, house salad, two bread sticks, water and cookies. There is a $1.90 fee for using brown bag tickets which is who we are using so we can gage how many meals we will need to bring. If you would rather just donate through our website you can as well at and we will save a dinner for you. If you want to just donate and cannot attend we would greatly appreciate that as well- we are 100% funded by donations.

We will be having our fundraiser at our first stop which is 501 w Berry Street. It is the church parking lot behind Plymouth Congregational Church. Times are from 6:30-8:30 and we will be there rain or shine. Please come and spend two hours with us and learn more about what we do each week.

Thank you everyone for filling the bins this week. We are in need of sweat pants size large and above, hoodies, mens wallets, all day bus passes, tennis shoes.....thank you and see you Friday!


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