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Blessed Portion Friday Update 9-17-2020

Blessed Portion Update 9-18-2020 Hello Everyone, As we have told you many times , each week is different and that's a good thing. Tonight as we sat on the wet dirty ground with 3 special friends we talked about music. Went around the circle and asked what peoples likes and dislikes were. We heard a lot of bands come up, and then our sweet French friend said she loves the song "From a distance" She said every time she listens to it she cries, because it reminds her that God is ALWAYS looking at her and won't ever give up. So, we pulled it up on our phone and set it on the milk crate in the dark and listened. I looked over at her and she was crying....tears of joy though and peace. She said her heart opens up every time and feels full. So I'm sure I had the extended version playing and it was emotional for her and for me. Sometimes we get so busy with "doing" that we forget to just "be in the moment". Not tonight though -we were in the moment and I can say it was beautiful and yet sad. She shared how she talks to God all the time and she loves sharing with others how he answers her prayers....for her she says it's a way of testimony to others of God...... I would agree!! We prayed with our friends before we left and we know the evictions are coming and her and MANY others will be looking for a safe place for the winter coming. Took a friend home after finding him in the park with his bicycle--he had planned on staying the night there. We talked him into putting his bike in my van and I took him home. We talked about how far he has come, how he's off all those meds that we're making him almost not with it at all. He now has his license and will be full time in his job hopefully by Tuesday. We need to find a car that is about 2000.00 or less for him. He needs a car so if anyone has a lead on one that is reliable please let us know. So nice to see him smiling and laughing again---so good to have him back!!! Thank-you to Tracy White for making all that pulled pork, to Rhonda Powell for bringing all the food and serving was busy tonight for sure!! Thank you Hallmark Mortgage for the clothes you also purchased for us....we will use them!! Thank you to those of you who believe in this ministry and give in many different ways....we need all the support we can get!! Please listen to this video and remember God is always watching and remember those who have no home and are hoping that God really is true and is there for them. Pray for our woman friend who loves God ....pray she feels his presence all around her as she sleeps outside. Thankyou to Pathway Community Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Grace Summit Church, Rochelle, Toby Hendrickson, John Gayday, Kathryn Hess, Jacquie Aldrich, Lance Welborn, Christina Scheiber, Michael Casiano, thank you everyone--we love you.


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