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Blessed Portion Friday 1-22-21

Blessed Portion Friday Update For 1-22-2021 Hello Everyone,

It was cold---like super cold!! Granite Ridge Builders, Lonnie Norris, Kathy Coughlin Hartman, Lauren Hartman, Mitch, And the whole Granite Ridge crew for being steadfast and willing to serve each month even when it's FREEZING!!! We had ham, potatoes, bananas, cookies, and Rochelle brought hot cocoa. Great meal for the weather we had. Not too many out tonight, but thankful we always have food for those who show up.

Had a couple people who literally were freezing...we were able to give them a sleeping bag, socks, sternos, hats and gloves, and some food to go. Tommy was able to drive them to their area because of the cold. Also saw our two friends who ride about 5 miles to come and see us each week....and they are always smiling!! One man came and was clearly agitated and wanted to talk to Tommy, but he was taking the two friends to their spot. I told him he could wait, but he clearly was not in the "waiting" mood. Not sure what was wrong, hoping he comes back next week. One friend just wanted a pair of underwater, and thankfully again, we had what he needed. Lonnie encouraged us in that when we do good for others, we actually are the ones who are blessed. He said we need to look for ways to help people no matter how small it is...but to just do good, and he is right.

After dinner, we headed over to Da

ves (I love saying that!) and stayed for a few hours putting furniture together. His stairway is very narrow, and not a lot of room to carry furniture up. So we bought two dressers and a nightstand and just put them together ourselves. Also, Chumly brought over his tv antenna so Dave could get the channels locked in on his tv. Kathy Coughlin Hartman also bought Dave a new bed and frame and gave him some end tables, which worked out perfectly. So when we left, he had a bedroom!!! It's taken a couple weeks, but it looks so good. Took up the old carpet and pad, scrubbed the floors several times, and added some rejuvenate, and it looks 100 percent better. Dave bought a rug for under the bed, which will provide some warmth!!

So we left around 11:00 pm, and it felt good knowing people's bellies were full, hands were warm, prayers were lifted up for our friends, and thankful for the donations that you all give, us so we can do things like this. Please know so many lives are touched by little things; to them, though, they are BIG things.

Have a great week everyone !!


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