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Blessed Portion Update 11-1-19

Hello Everyone:

Tonight started out all crazy because I forgot all the plates, forks and napkins for the dinner that Greg and Sue Maxwell and their team from County Line Church made for us!!! Thankfully Tommy was able to run and get what we needed while we waited with hot chocolate!! Sue and her team brought spaghetti, bread, hot chocolate, desserts and they were such a blessing tonight to have serve with us. They brought plenty of food and there was enough to get seconds!!

Saw a couple people that we haven't seen in a LONG time....hard to hear of the things that have been happening in their lives. It also serves to remind us that there are many who need prayer and encouragement. We did have some answered prayers in that our friend who had surgery was doing well when we saw him tonight. The surgery went well and he is on the mend. Another friend let us know that he went to radiation last week and noticed some improvements-- totally amazing. His words were "It's working!" --- how awesome is that!!!

Tonight the biggest need was coats and hand warmers and thankfully we had enough to hand out. One man who we met was unfortunately new to the streets and had nothing. We were able to give him a jacket, boots and a few essentials for the night.

This post is shorter then normal which can be a good thing because usually they are pretty long. It was a good night and its also getting colder out there. Please remember to pray for those who are outside. Pray for those who need healing physically, spiritually and for those who are struggling to stay clean and sober.

Thank you to everyone who donated this week. We are so appreciative that there are many who want to help this mission. We do ask though that you please do not give us women's, or children's clothing. We have so much to sort through and its very time consuming so please help us out by only giving men's clothing- thank you so much.


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