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2021 Christmas Bag List

Christmas List For 2021 For Our Friends-

This year we are adding the 13th Step House to our giving for Christmas. So with them, we will be doing a total of 115 bags. We will need to have all items by December 21st because we will be putting them together that evening and will give them to our friends on December 24th.

This list can be added too if one wants- we just want to make sure all bags are the same. If you cannot purchase 115 of one item just list how many you can do and someone else can pick up the difference to make that final total.

1. 40 5.00 fast-food gift cards( we already have 75)

2. 115 All-day bus passes. (Do not purchase the discount passes because not everyone can use those)

3. 115 Candy canes

4. 115 chapsticks

5. 330 Peanut butter crackers

6. 330 Rice Krispie Treats

7. 330 small bags of chips

8. 115 packs of gum

9. 330 chewy granola bars

10. 330 fruit snacks

11. 330 slim jims

12. 575 hand warmers

13. 115 homemade Christmas cards made from little Christ- followers-(aka little children.) These are my most favorite things to see and read.

14. 1500 pieces of candy

15. 48 dozen homemade Christmas cookies- this will give each person 5 cookies.

16. 115 individual small peanut butter (They come in snack sizes)

17. 330 individual drink packets (Dollar Tree has these)

18. 330 individual ritz crackers packets- they come in snack sizes

19. We have the tissues accounted for.

20. We have the cough drops also accounted for.

*** If there is something you think of that is not on this list please feel free to add it. We will add to whatever amount you can donate. We want to make sure the bags are full with as much as possible! We have enough socks to give everyone two pairs already which is awesome!

Thank you everyone for thinking of our friends this year!


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