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Friday Update 8-30-19

Blessed Portion Friday Update 8-30-19

Hello Everyone:

Sure loving the weather lately on Friday's- nice to be in sweatshirts!! Tonight we had a good size amount come to the first stop and thanks to Adrienne Clark and her company we had ham and turkey sandwiches, cookies, chips and plenty of water and snack bags from Renee Liechty Kahn! Snack bags are so appreciated Renee- so many count on those each week, especially our friend Jim. He is a creature of habit and walks the hour to come see us, gets some dinner and always counts on his snack bag. Tonight we encouraged him to talk with the hotel manager about getting a microwave in his room. That way he can heat items up to eat instead of having to go out and pay for his one meal a day. Hoping it will work out for him.

Also talked with a man who has stage four leukemia and will be going for some stem cell treatment. He was willing to let us pray over him for Gods will to be done- looking forward to hearing from him after his treatments start. Had a old friend show up that we haven't seen in years and he seems to be doing well and we are thrilled for how far he has come. Then talked with a man who is excited to go in the job core soon. He is trying so hard to stay focused while he waits to go. To see someone excited for a new chapter in their life and the hope its brings them is wonderful. We shared with him that we will continue to pray for him and the road he is abut to travel.

Towards the end of night we made a few rounds and it was nice to NOT see a fried who has been sleeping by the woods. He now is at a friends house and its such a blessing to know he is safe and wont have to worry about anyone stealing his items and or being bothered. Not everyone who stays outside is friendly and we hear over and over again from those who sleep outside that people will come and steal their sleeping bag, and other personal items. One friend shared tonight how he has had his medical supplies stolen....what in the world?! It's a sad thing to see that happen, and to happen to someone who would gladly give anyone what they needed if would just ask!!

Some other good news is that we have a couple who we didn't see tonight and its a good things because they are working and in a hotel!!! So nice seeing them get things figured out and moving forward!!! There is a few of those friends who we do not see on Friday's anymore, and while we miss them we are so happy that things are going well for them!! So all in all we had a peaceful night. Was able to see so many, pray for so many and just laugh!!!! Laughing is so important don't you think?

Please continue to pray for those who are the fence with deciding if they are willing to go into a shelter or not. Pray for those who are outside especially the many women outside and they need protection. Pray for those who continue to come to church with us- and those who drive on Sundays. We wouldn't be able to bring as many as we do without the help of others!! Please also pray about supporting us in some way. It can be prayer, encouragement, helping drive to church. Donating used clothing items, helping with a meal on Friday's, and financially supporting us as we are completely funded by donations. All donations financial and clothing are eligible fro a tax credit as we are a 501 c3 non for profit. We have drop off sites which include Pathway Community Church, Mjs Apparel in Garrett, Auburn Massage and Wellness and Hamilton Church of Christ. If you want to donate financially you can through our website at or mail to The Blessed Portion Ministries P.O. Box 188 Garrett Indiana, 46738.

Thank you everyone for filling our bins this week- we are going through blankets like crazy so please keep those coming along with men's clothing sizes large and above only!!! Have a great weekend !!!! Thanks to Adrienne Clark, Olivia Ghent, Christina Scheiber, Rose Schiber Gaspar, Michael Casiano, Kim Ted Shook, Spencer Burns, John Gayday, Toby Hendrickson, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot,Jennifer Laux, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, Mark Stebing, Renee Eich- Curneal, and those who randomly drop off items for us-- thank you

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