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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 8-16-19

Hello Everyone-

Tonight we had pulled pork, watermelon,lots of desserts, Cole slaw, deviled eggs, and went through 5 cases of water. Thank you to Lisa Scheer, David and Hallmark Mortgage for some yummy food!!!

Tonight was a wide range of things happening. We had a friend who announced his engagement tonight and accepted Christ! One friend who is pregnant ended up having a seizure shortly after we arrived. Thankfully she and baby are doing well today. Heard how one friend is graduating from The Rescue Mission and will be getting his own apartment. It's such a blessing to see someone who was sleeping outside to now moving in his own place and staying consistent with his recovery!!! Had one friend show us his new teeth!!! He was so happy and looks great!!

We also sadly talked with an old friend who shared with us he has leukemia and will be moving into a nursing home. He cannot swallow really anything so watermelon tonight was perfect. Sad to see someone who once was vibrant and now says they recognize they are hard. We will for sure be coming alongside of him as he enters this next phase in his life.

And the simple things in life always get at my heart. The pic with this post is of a friend of ours who needed some shoes and it's hard to find a size 12 in women's. So these shoes were donated and they are now hers!!! She had another pair on at first which were also her size, but opted for these as they have more cushion for walking!! I love her!!

So tonight was all over the place with emotions and events, but still good. We had plenty of clothes, food and supplies and thankful for all the ways God meets our needs. Thankful for how He loves all of us and never leaves us. Thankful for this ministry and how it has changed US!!!!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating with 3 people who have chosen to live their life for Christ and take the next step with baptism. Each one of these friends has had major things to overcome and thankfully they are still with us and we are so happy for them!! We are thankful for those who help us drive our friends to church because ultimately its about helping our friends understand Jesus loves them!

We are currently needing tennis shoes, bus passes, Jesus Calling books (they are in high demand), low dollar food cards, bug spray, men's shirts large and above----PLEASE no women's, or children's clothing!!!

Our pick up days are on Thursdays to prepare for Fridays and our drop off sites are listed on our website and Facebook page. If you want to donate financially you can through or mail to The Blessed Portion Ministries P.O. Box 188 Garrett Indiana 46738. We are a 501c3 ministry so your donations qualify for tax exemption. Please consider giving as we are fully supported by donations.

Thanks to Pathway Community Church. Grace Summit Church, Hamilton church of Christ, Christina King, Laura Mock, Annie Zeider-Duckett, Lori Williams, Lisa Scheer, Dave, Scott Wright, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Christina Scheiber,Michael Casiano, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot,Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, Tracy White, Maria Rios, Hallmark Mortgage, and all of you who drop items off each week for us....THANKYOU

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