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Update for Blessed Portion Ministries 8-09-19

So once again our team had a beautiful summers night to love on our homeless friends. We had a great meal, served by the Greek Ladies, and as always they never disappoint when it comes to food. Thank you ladies so much, we couldn't do it without you!!!! With them, they brought Father Cosmin. Whom gave our message tonight. Never again, will I think of the Holy Trinity as a triangle!!! We as a people tend to try to work our way to the top of the triangle of life but rather its a circle of love, not one above the other. Everything is in a circle, not one greater then the other but they are all equal in a never ending circle of love. Thank you Father Cosmin for that great analogy!!!

As we were packing up and getting ready to head to our second stop for the night. We had a friend come up asking for us to take him to the detox center. It's always a great thing when someone ask for help. So we're asking for continued prayers for his recovery and sobriety. Praying that he and others will beat the spirit of addiction.

As we fed tonight, and as always we had enough food for everyone. It always reminds me of how Jesus fed the 5000 with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Even though it was over 2 thousand years ago. He is still feeding the hungry every day around the world and in Ft Wayne, Indiana. As God's "circle of love" is never ending, and never stops.

As the night came to a close our team got to spend sometime at the celebration of the opening of the new Promenade Park across the street from the rescue mission, and the bridges that have served as homes for our many homeless friends and family. It was amazing to see how beautiful it was. We all marvelled at what a beautiful job the city has done to transform the river. But this transformation is nothing compared to what I have witnessed to how Jesus has transformed countless lives, with the beauty and Grace in which he and he alone can do for each and every one of us.

What a blessing it is to be a part of this team, I love and thank all of you, but more so to be able to share that gift of the CIRCLE OF LOVE of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for all of these are ONE, not one greater then the other. Praying for protection, safety, health and most of all for the salvation for everyone!!

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