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5-17-19 Update

Blessed Portion Friday Update

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we had a summer feast: Grilled hot dogs, grilled hamburgers, watermelon, salad, cookies, potato salad, baked beans............lots of food!!! BIG thanks to Hallmark Mortgage for serving such a big dinner. Tracy White, Tina Bennett, Jordan Hackett, Buddy Wiehe, Christine Habig, Maria Rios, Rhonda Powell, and there are others who helped put that together I just cannot remember their names...thank you all so much.

So how did tonight go? Great weather- thought it was going to rain on us, but it held off and that was a blessing. It's nice to have time to visit without being WET!!! Tonight we celebrated Kenneth Billingsley Jr. and Michael's (Professor) birthday. We also saw Jim and from the pictures you can see his shoes were BAD!!! Thankfully we had a pair that fit him perfectly. Tonight was even more a little special in that he ALLOWED us to take his socks home and wash them. We gave him a brand new pair and he was happy because they were clean and said he still wants his other ones back. He said there isn't anything wrong them, they are just dirty and so no sense throwing them away... he still surprises us.

Two friends have to have surgery - one is a elbow issue and the other is a hernia. So we are going to be praying for them and hoping they will have a safe spot to recover from after surgery.

We also were able to give out lots of much needed socks and shoes so please keep those coming if possible. Tonight we noticed so many friends who are in a better spot then we first met them. Some are finally in their own place, some are starting a family. Some are working their recovery and many are allowing God to impact their lives. Sometimes its a step ahead and 20 back...and I believe it's that way for all of us pretty much its just with our friends its a little obvious. We heard a couple speak about how they are serving in church and are so happy to have a church family and we are thankful for that. We are thankful that we are able to bring many people to church on Sundays and we hope to bring more and more. So if anyone has a 22 passenger bus/van that would be wonderful. So far we have been able to work it with several drivers and we want to always tell everyone we have room!

So how did the night end? We went to a spot where we hoped to see a friend and bring him some food but his spot was taken by another man who was sleeping. Thankfully we were able to give the plate of food to another friend. He was taking all of his belongings and trying to adjust things on his bike so he could get going. Tommy and I were stunned when we saw the extra 60 pounds at least he was dealing with. We were able to talk with him for about a hour and it was interesting to learn his story. He is very nice and kind, always smiling. He shared how he is from Chicago, never been married and has no children--says its too expensive!! He looks different then most of who we serve and it's sad because many I'm sure judge him based on his differences.

It's easy isn't it to treat some people different because they don't look or act like we think they should? It's easy to just think "Well, they are odd" and not take the time to have a conversation with them. I pray that God continues to help me be patient, non judgmental, kind and just plain ole nicer and more thankful of what I have. Our friend had everything he owned on his bike and the weather was starting to sprinkle (It was about midnight) and he still was smiling and said he would be ok. So we left him with the last 5.00 gift card we had and said we would see him next week and he smiled.

So it was a good night and we are thankful for all who came out and served. Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Jacquie Aldrich, Lori Williams, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Lisa, Dave, Kristy L. Stemen, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mjs Apparel, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, Kim Ted Shook,Mark Stebing, Amanda Chapman Dunaway, Eric Dunaway, Evan& Erin Glassley, Christina Scheiber, Gary Penner, and if I forgot anyone please forgive me.

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