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Blessed Portion Update

Blessed Portion Update 5-10-19

John 13:35 "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Hello Everyone---

The infamous Greek Ladies again showered us with pasta, bread sticks, salad, donuts, cookies, brownies and we had enough to even give 13th Step house a pan of food....thank you ladies. Jackie Mangas and your crew we love you and we will miss you for the next couple months as you take some time off!!!

Tonight the weather was perfect....a little chilly but so nice to not have rain!!! We got to see Mr. Landon and he is almost walking which is great!! Didn't get to see Jamari....(Little one who doesn't like me.... YET) We did though see Cierra Braden Schroeder and she is having a GIRL!!!!!!! She is pretty excited and looks like we will be having a Blessed Portion Baby shower this summer. She already has a room for her little girl and will begin painting it soon. Also checked in with another friend who is pregnant. She is a little nauseous right now so were praying she gets to feeling a little better.

Saw our buddy John and he is loving is new place and again its nice to know that when he leaves us, he is going to his own place INSIDE!!! As you can also see from the pictures we saw our friend Michael Maiville and his future wife to be!!! They are getting married in June and we are so happy for him. He has had a rough road, but has worked hard to be where he is now and we are excited for this new chapter in his life.

Tonight we had a man come up and share how he has been a atheist for a long tine, but lately has realized there is a God based on creation alone. He shared how that its hard to not believe especially when you look at everything around us. He also shared how he has had many years of hard times, frustrations, addictions, health issues but yet because he has seen what we do and that we love people that makes him want to become a christian and have that kind of love. Please hear me in this....we dont do anything in of ourselves that is worthy of any praise. We do though understand that Jesus loves us, has forgiven us of many things, died for us and because of that we are compelled to show love to others.....which is what God desires us to do. We talked tonight how Jesus shared about the woman who anointed him and washed his feet with her tears. He shared that in her case her sins were many, but were forgiven and that she loved MUCH. He also said, "To whom little is forgiven, the same loves little."

We talked about how Jesus loves us MUCH!!! He is a well of unending grace, mercy, forgiveness and when we can comprehend we need that forgiveness, we can love MUCH to others and God. For me personally I have sinned MUCH in my 52 years on this earth and God has forgiven me MUCH. Not only Tommy and I, but our teams prayer is that we show MUCH love to others and offer the hope HE provides. For our friend it may take awhile to understand the goodness of God, but we are thankful we had a chance to talk with him and hope to see him again.

Tonight we handed out all we had pretty much, Bibles, clothing and one man was so happy that we happen to have some prescription glasses that were perfect for him!! He was sooo happy!! It again reminds us of how things that seem little to us are in fact BIG to others. We ended the night by going to a few places where we have met some new faces and again we had plenty of food to leave with them and we are thankful. Thank you for everyone who donated this past week....sincerely we appreciate it and it is so needed.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Laura Mock, Deb Diller, Mjs Apparel, Mark Stebing,Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Jacquie Aldrich, Lori Williams, Mimi, Adrienne Clark, Toby Hendrickson, Olivia Ghent, Jackie Mangas and her whole crew, Cristy Greene, and everyone else who drops items off for us... thank you so much

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