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Friday Update 4-5-19

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 4-5-19

Hello Everyone,

A BIG shout out to St. Joe Church, Jason & Vicki Holman, Jennifer Laux, Rod Laux, and both of their families for making dinner for 150 people tonight!! We had plenty of hot food and we are so grateful they provide a meal every month for those we serve...thank you guys!!

It was nice to be back this week and see everyone. We took last Friday - Sunday off to go away for a couple days which was so needed and yet its good to be back. We had more show up as the weather is starting to get a little warmer and having some longer nights of light is always good. Before we headed downtown tonight we got a text from one of our friends who was happy to inform us he has received his disability and now has his own place!!! Thankful he will no longer be in a tent!!! We all love him and have been so blessed to get to know him and to now see this next stage in his life is amazing!! We may be asking for some items from everyone depending on what another group is able to give thankful we wont have to be worried about him in the freezing cold weather anymore!!

We also saw a couple mama's to be and it seems the babies are doing well which always positive. Also heard that one of our friends had her baby the day before and the little girl is a cutie and is healthy!! Heard how a friend has already started a new job and he is beyond thrilled!!!! So great to see good things happening especially for those who have worked so hard to not give up!!! Also was able to talk with a friend who we told you about a few weeks ago. His child was murdered and he has no answers...and is working hard to get through it all. He shared tonight how hard it is, but that he also knows God is helping him and its going to take awhile. Please pray for him as he navigates through many emotions and is trying to stay focused on his recovery.

We shared tonight the story of when Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus took the body of Jesus down from the cross and wrapped him in linen cloths. Joseph also gave up his own tomb and put Jesus' body in there. Some may say "What's the big deal about that?" It's interesting that Joseph did this because as we talked about tonight he gave away HIS tomb to be buried in one day....why? Perhaps he deep down believed that Jesus would rise from the dead in 3 days? It's interesting that everyone else ran off when Jesus one else that we can read of offered to bury Jesus. Maybe no one had the means to do so. However two men who dared to believe gave all they had, they took his body down, wrapped Him in the finest linen cloths and placed Him in a borrowed tomb. We talked about how you cant out give God. How that we are required to do things that seem so crazy and impossible because that is when God gets all the glory. We are to give all to Him believing He will honor it. Whatever He does it will be making a huge statement to others as well. When Jesus rose again that man had his tomb back that he paid for....however it wasn't about that. It was about the fact that Jesus was true to His word and rose as He said and two men dared to believe it and they loved Jesus well even in His death.

At the last few stops tonight we came across a man we have never met. A man who you knew was not from the streets. He was well dressed and just didn't look like he had been outside. He was being advised by a couple friends we know as to where he should sleep for the night. When we talked with him he stated that he receives a check each month and has been giving money to stay in a house with a friend. That "friend" however tonight told him he wasn't allowed to stay there. This man was beside himself and looked at us saying " I have never been outside and I don't know how to do this." Thankfully someone had donated 3 yoga mats and we took those, cleaned out a area and laid those down with clean, dry blankets for the night. To see a grown man beside himself and wondering how he is going to get through the night is HARD! He had a snack bag in his pocket and a new flashlight we gave him. He stated that he is out of money and we suggested he go to the Mission tomorrow and check in until he receives his check next month. He had no extra clothes with him just what he was wearing. I cant imagine what I would have been feeling if I had to sleep where he did tonight and most likely he didn't sleep. It serves as a reminder though not all who are sleeping outside do drugs, or lazy etc...sometimes it is the opposite. Praying for our new friend that he is able to get some shelter and will be ok.

So tonight was a great night. Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, St Joe Church, Trinity English Church, Jacquie Aldrich, Lisa Scheer and David, Rod Laux, Jennifer Laux, Jason and Vicki Holman and their families, Olivia Ghent, Toby Hendrickson, Kim Ted Shook, Adrienne Clark, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mjs Apparel, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing,Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Veronique Poudrier, Michael Jordan, and everyone who donated this week.

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