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Friday Night Update

Friday Night Blessed Portion Update 3-22-19

Hello Everyone,

Tonight we celebrated a couple birthdays...Olivia Ghent's upcoming 16th birthday and Kayla's!! Everybody's day of birth should be celebrated we think because we wouldn't be able to love them had they not!!! So birthday cakes, cards and love was handed out.

Have our dear friend "Bicycle Dave" back in the swing with us. He's looking good and has that sweet grin back and he is always looking out for him.

Tonight we had 40 Little Caesars pizza, lots of cookies and snacks to feed everyone and had a little left over which is a good thing. Since it is staying lighter longer we are starting to see some more come out and visit...temps were cold tonight as the wind made it tough but still saw many. Our sweet friend Cierra is doing well as is her baby!! She has her license now, a car, a job, and a whole lotta good stuff going on and she deserves it.

The picture of the little one in the stroller is a cutie pa- tutie...and he's so feisty. He says he is NOT my friend, and when I smile or look at him he looks away and or closes the top of the stroller thing down so he doesn't have to look at me....guess I have that effect on some..:) He's funny though and I'm determined to get him to like we will see.

Tonight saw some friends who are now back...and while its good to see them it is also bittersweet. Its a hard cycle for many to break and again as we know that all of us who have struggles we need a lot of love, understanding, accountability and Jesus for sure.

Tonight Patrick talked about serving others and the hope that others see Jesus in us. Not just by our words, but even without words ...mainly our actions. He shared the story of the Good Samaritan and how he demonstrated great compassion on the man who was robbed and beaten. He shared how two different people walked by that man -even those who perhaps would be today considered "Godly" people. One man though took a look and helped. He went above and beyond and others noticed. He didn't want thanks, or a big deal made about what he did.....he just wanted the man to be ok, and he did all he could for him and then went on his way. He didn't ask the man why anyone would want to beat him up. Didn't ask if he had bad associations with people. Didn't ask for the man to repay him for his kindness......he just did what was right!! His actions spoke clearly of his heart. His generosity spoke of humility and kindness and that is why it is written about in the Bible. I pray I can be more like that man.

So tonight was windy and cold and yet warm and lovely. Sat and talked with some men who are doing the right things....doing what is needed for recovery. Men who are trying to learn about what needs healing inside of them.

Had one friend who came up as we were leaving and asked if I would pray with him. He shared how his daughter was murdered and he has no answers....only questions and grief. He shared how he needs God to show up right now.....and so we prayed. As a parent I cannot imagine losing a child...doesn't seem right to have to bury a child. I know many of my friends who have lost their children and I know what a hole it leaves for them. I also know that Jesus is the only way they are making through and for our friend God will show up. God has to keep His word...and He says He is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. That He gives us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and to comfort us...and God never lies and is true to His promises. So pray for our friend and his broken heart, his questions, his anger that will soon come and the grief that will take over...

Thank you everyone who donated last week our bins were full and for that we are so thankful Have a request for Louis L'Amour if any has some let

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