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Blessed Portion Update for 3-8-19

Hello Everyone:

Tonight our Greek Ladies came with mashed potatoes, goulash and rolls....and again like always they out did themselves. It was yummy and we had plenty of food. It takes a lot of time and resources to feed 150 people and they make it look effortless but its not. We so appreciate them and their faithfulness.

Talked with a woman at the first stop about her newest ultrasound pictures. The baby is doing well and the mom to be is pretty happy!! Also talked with a friend who walks several miles each week to come and visit and sleeps outside. He doesn't come for the food he says but for the fellowship, and we are always happy to see him. Tonight we convinced him to eat though, and we packed him up with some sternos, trash bags, snack bags, hand warmers and water. Thankfully Nick Reinoehl is going to be bringing him a bike next week which help him get to his job a little quicker and give his feet a rest!!

Also heard from another friend that he is moving into his own apartment next week!!!! Cannot express how happy he is and us for him. He's a quiet man but full of strength, determination and a great friend. Thankfully some people on our team are able to give him a bed, dresser, kitchen and bath stuff to get him started. Love it when you see hard work pay off. When people do not let their pasts define their could easily be done for sure but he is pressing forward!!!

Also love seeing one friend who each week who is truly gitty about his sobriety. Each week he shares how he is clean from everything.....something he thought he never could accomplish and now he is!!! His smile is infectious and we love him!!!

Also heard how some are happy because they found a job, some are looking for apartments, some are connecting even more with their children. One friend in particular was open about how he is learning to forgive. He stated that it is hard and he is learning how to live that out and again our team is inspired by his honesty.

I also want to share what each Sunday is like for our team. We have several who drive for us each week and we are thankful because we wouldn't be able to get everyone there...we need a bus for sure! For Tommy and I we sit with those we bring and were surrounded by so many friends. We see those worshiping freely, taking notes from the sermon and listening. We also see when the offering buckets come down we see people putting in a $1.00 and sometimes change. It is a beautiful thing to watch people giving back to God and to the church they love. God I'm sure looks at that $1.00 or few coins and counts it BEAUTIFUL in His sight. When we started this ministry over 7 years ago we had no idea we would have the pleasure of picking people up from the street and the Rescue Mission bringing them to church!!! God is amazing and He truly is in every detail and loves all of us the same. Doesn't matter if your an addict or sober. Doesn't matter if you sleep under a bridge or in a mansion. Doesn't matter if you have mental issues or are extremely sharp......its all level at the foot of the cross and for that I'am so thankful!!

Thank you to our church Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Lisa Scheer and her daughter, David, Olivia Ghent, Scott Wright, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Lori Williams, Michael Jordan, Kim Ted Shook, Jackie Mangas and her crew, Adrienne Clark and all of you who pray and donate for this cause!!!

* Our bins are EMPTY...........................please consider donating clothing items to us- only sizes large and above and no children or women's clothes lease. We also need men's coats, boxers, shoes. Thank you

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