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Friday Update

Hebrews 2:1 "We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away."

Blessed Portion Friday Update 1-4-19

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to St Joe Church of Christ - Jason and Vicki Holman, and their crew for serving chicken and noodles, buttered rolls, snacks, which I heard Jennifer Laux made!!! It was yummy and we had just the exact amount needed!!! Its a beautiful thing to see the steam rise off of a big roaster when its chilly outside!!

Friday was pretty calm and peaceful which always means its a good night!! Seems like each week we still meet new people,and while its nice to meet new faces it still is a reminder of so many struggling and without. Sometimes people will say to us that they feel they are a small part of what we do and for us we don't feel that way. Seeing the van packed each week with each bin filled, each tote filled with items, seeing water, snack bags, blankets and food reminds us that God is overseeing this ministry and He is using so many to make it to all who support us in one way or another THANK YOU!!! With new faces comes new needs and again we were able to meet those needs. Several needed blankets, sterno's for heat, hand warmers, socks, flashlights and we had enough. Sometimes it is easier to have a conversation with someone when they are somewhat warmer and can actually see you... and those sternos did just that.

We talked about the verse in Hebrews that is with this post. How all of us need to maybe start this year with just trying to remember the things we know are true about God, the things we have read in the Bible and go from there. To keep those things at the forefront of our mind, because if we don't its a slippery slope we will start to slip down eventually. Maybe its just that reminder to be kind, to not lie, to maybe turn the other cheek...things that we all are able to do and do reflect Jesus.

Also had a conversation with a sweet friend of ours about how a hamster spends so much time on a wheel moving round and round. He might actually think he is going somewhere and yet he is wearing himself out and not headed anywhere. We talked with her about her life and where her and her husband are headed and the changes they want to make this new year. Then we said goodbye as we headed home and they were sleeping outside. I hate those moments...I'm going to a warm van, a clean house (most of the time) and my bed...and my friends are not. One thing about this couple though they take responsibility for where they are and do not expect people to pull them out of it....but they do value and appreciate love and kindness.

So today as we picked up for church I saw them across from the Mission and they wanted a ride. I was super happy to see them both as well as Chumly's friend who came for the first time today. During the service Pastor Ron mentioned a hamster on the wheel and I had to laugh as I thought how funny God is to confirm to my friend what we talked about Friday!! After church we had a pretty good laugh about it and I love both of them and pray this year is the year they want it to be.

Also fyi our friend Marcus is 8 months clean and sober and is in a treatment center doing awesome!!!! Love how God provided a new means of help for him and provided people to help make it come about. We still miss Dallas a lot and talked about him today and how the van rides are not the same without him. Talked about those who used to live under the bridges and they are no longer there....sadly some have passed away and thankfully some are living in apartments and doing great... 2018 was a hard and good year....many deaths and yet a lot of good things that happened. 2019 we pray will be a year of great surrendership, healing physically, mentally, spiritually for those we serve. A year in where God shows up and shows off and is completely glorified in all things and that we are able to see many on the road to recovery!!

Thank you everyone who helps us and has helped for the past 7 years...its amazing each year how much we can do with everyone helping. Each person plays a huge part and together we are being the hands and feet of Jesus and we thank you!! Thank you to all who make lunches, who drive for us on Sundays, who donate financially, tangibly, who pray for us and pray for those we serve....we've been given a responsibly to be Jesus to those we know and from Tommy and I thank you!!

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