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Friday Update 12-28-18

Blessed Portion Friday Update 12-28-18

Good evening everyone, I must confess getting up this morning after the cold and winding evening downtown last night was a little more difficult, but WOW want a incredible evening it was indeed ! The evening started out with all of our incredible friends from Hamilton Church of Christ preparing a meal fit for a King, boy do they know how to show up and show off with the dinner menu. We had homemade meatloaf, homemade mash potatoes, green beans, dinner rolls and all the desserts you could eat, so thanks to all of our friends from Hamilton, you all are truly amazing !!!! The evening started out at our first stop at the downtown Burger King to grab a coffee and to pray before we head out to meet all of friends downtown.

At our first stop everything seemed to be running pretty smooth and normal, the team began setting up the tables and utensils and getting all of the wonderful food ready to serve. I would imagine 30 minutes or so had passed by and one of our loyal volunteers that serves with us on a regular basis came up to me and said " Tommy there is a young lady sitting or somewhat laying back in the dark corner of the building where we serve every week covered up in 1 blanket and some broken down cardboard boxes to block the wind and cold. This young lady was from out- of- state we found out after getting to know her a bit better. Having a daughter myself, my and other hearts were hurting knowing that she is TOTALLY ALONE tonight and is far, far away from her family and hometown. Our awesome friends who come down to serve on Fridays went into action to help this young women in every way they could, but most importantly, show the love of Jesus to this stranger who we just met and who was hurting. We found a safe and warm place for our new friend that we met last night, and I am we were all thankful for that.

So thank you to EVERYONE who was just AMAZING last night. I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit that tends to constantly be working and nudging us while we are downtown sitting and chatting with our friends. It is true what Jesus said about the homeless and poor. " It is true that the poor will always be with us ( Matt 26:11) but this is not and excuse to not help the homeless and the poor, but an OPPORTUNITY !Since the homeless and poor will always be with us, every person in every generation has the opportunity to be blessed through helping them. Hey, but even more than that, since Jesus said that if you give a cup of cold water to one of the least of these in his name, it is as if we are giving the cup of cold water to Jesus himself. ( Matt 10:42). So, if you every get the opportunity to share some time with a homeless person, just something as simple as sitting and talking with them or maybe even buying them a cup of coffee in the cold winter months reminds them of their dignity, and I know they MUST see Jesus through the kind and loving act.

I would like to mention and give thanks to ALL the wonderful people who love on us and support us this past 7 years. Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, MJS Apparel, Mark and Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Lapadot and Auburn Massage and Wellness Center, Michael Jordan, Christina Scheiber, Kim and Ted Shook, Rochelle Wilson, Kristy Stemen and her Husband, Olivia Ghent. Goodnight and Happy New Year !

Have a peaceful evening,


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