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Blessed Portion 2018 Christmas

Blessed Portion Christmas Update:

Hello Everyone---

All we can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! So many were baking like their life depended on it, so many were putting together hygiene bags, men's bags, women's bags. So many hand warmers, socks, candy, Christmas cards made by the littlest of Christ followers and so much more. Every year it seems like were not going to get the bags filled how we would like and then God shows up and fills them above and beyond. Everyone was able to get a gift card, a bus pass, and a whole lot more thanks to many of you and the churches who gave so generously. We were also able to go to The Grant County Rescue Mission and bless them as well. Vera Bradley made some pretty amazing personalized gift bags for those women and their kids and my special friend Veronique Poudrier drove all the way up there to deliver them knowing she could only stay about a half hour and had to go home....she coordinated everything and we are so thankful for all of her teams help. I wish my brain was a little more focused to remember everyone names who helped , but sadly its pretty mushy right now...but from the bottom of our whole teams heart THANK YOU!!! Its amazing to see people step up and help and it really matters to those we serve--so thank-you and do not go anywhere we will need you again next year :) Thanks to Amber Gaskill and Trademark Titles crew we had a wonderful Christmas dinner....and we had just enough Amber said so thank you to all who helped cooked and donated for the meal to be served.

We talked tonight how it is a wonderful time of the year for many, and yet for others its just another day, or for others its the hardest time of the year. Many do not have family or their family relationships are strained. Many are trying to decide where they will sleep and others thankfully have a place. Many cannot see their children, and yet many have their children. It is for many also a time of shear frustration and even anger....and for some it seems that things are looking up for them..............such a mix of emotions. We also tonight remembered those that we have lost over the past year and sadly the list is way too long...many were not there tonight and it was apparent that we were missing them.

However as Linus in this Christmas classic (My all time favorite) says....... the meaning of Christmas is Jesus. We always at each stop take prayer requests and listen to praises, and always give the invitation for anyone to know Jesus. Tonight at our first stop we were all huddled around 3 tents, a few lights someone brought, some Christmas music and we held hands and thanked God for sending His son Jesus to come for us. When it came time for anyone to accept Christ a sweet lady came forward...tears rolling down her face and almost seeming as if she was letting it all out through her open emotions. She wanted that free gift....that gift of Salvation. I am always in awe of the courage it takes to come forward and put yourself out there. Many times at churches we hear how the pastor will have people close their eyes so as to give privacy. With us it seems to go both ways...and yet in the Bible I do not see where it says anywhere that people were told to close their was to be a move forward and a move that no one was embarrassed to show others. So our friend was able to accept Christ and that is the meaning of Christmas of sure. To be able to see that Jesus Christ was born so that we can live. He was born to die for our sins and take it all on Himself so we wouldn't have to. He boldly hung high on a cross for all to see the sacrifice He was making and I pray we all can be more bold, more courageous, less worried about what others will think or say of our stance for God. To choose life is a free gift and while Christmas can bring out some dark feelings and depression it can also be a peaceful time if we can understand that its not about the gifts, the lights, the food..............its all about Jesus' love for us and dying so we could be with Him in eternity. Its about having Him leading us, loving us, convicting and teaching us, providing for us, about knowing that we are unconditionally loved and nothing can stand in the way of that if we allow Him to have all of us. So our precious friend tonight hopefully has more peace now and we are thrilled to know her better. Also just how God works is that she had no coat and it was cold. Thankfully someone donated a nice warm coat and it fit her perfectly....isn't that just like God!!!!

We had a wonderful evening with everyone and our team is blessed for sure. Thank you to all of you who again right away offered help so that someone else could have a little bit of cheer. Thank you to all of you who pray for this ministry and those we serve. Please continue to pray for all of them. There is a lot of good happening and there is a lot of hurt and frustration. Pray that we can have more drivers for Sundays as we had to turn away a couple last week as we had no more friend said he wanted to ride in the back hatch and I had to say no :( Pray that God showers His love on those who are wondering if He is real or not and pray for those who are hurting during this season.

Our friend Jacquie Aldrich will be putting some pics together and a video that we will share when she is done.....looking forward to sharing the evening with all of you who helped make it a wonderful evening!! Merry Christmas everyone. Go to church this week not because its the thing to do, but because you want to draw closer to the one who gave everything for you!!

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