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Friday Update

Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 12-14-18

Hello Everyone---

The Greek ladies brought tater tot casserole and some yummy Greek dessert that I don't know how to spell. We love the Greek ladies for the way they can cook, but we most of all we love how much they love Jesus and those in our community so well!!! Merry Christmas Greek Ladies!!!

So tonight was busy for sure!! We heard how one friend is still facing red tape with getting his Park Center business settled. There are so many steps to do things and if one step is out of line it messes up the whole process. Praying that he is able to get everything in order including his health insurance. Also heard from our friend Missy Shepherd that she got a job she wanted and for her that is a answer to prayer!!! (Missy I'm sure your reading this so know we love you!!) Celebrated one friends birthday....gave her a cute vest for her birthday and again thankful for her and her strength to keep on doing what is needed for her to move forward!!

One friend of ours has touched all of us and she is pretty amazing. She was sharing how hard it is to tell her mom about her current housing and no job. She shared that its hard to face your parents with your issues because of the fear that they will feel disappointed with you. We also talked about how God will use every situation to bring some sort of goodness out of it IF we allow Him too. Praying that God comforts her and shows her that He is with her, that He is never going to leave her and that she has the courage to move forward in all things!!!

Tonight we talked about how we are all "tools for Christ". One tool in a tool box isn't more valuable that another. My Grandfather had a ton of tools and when I was little he would explain to me what each tool was designed to do. He never said that one tool was better than another tool---each one was just different. So tonight we shared how that all of us have a God designed purpose....and we need to allow God to use us for how He designed us . Maybe its just giving a smile to someone who is being a grouch. Maybe offering to pray with someone, and a lot of times just not saying the negative comment that seems to come so easily to our mind. God is the Master builder and He sure could use more of His kids doing what they were intended to do...first off though making sure our hearts, lives, etc are 100 percent surrendered to Him and then letting Him use us.

Tonight we gave out just about all we had and yet there was plenty to go around so thank you to everyone who keeps giving each week. I wish you all could see the difference it makes and how much it is appreciated.

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Jacquie Aldrich, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Toby Hendrickson, Kim Ted Shook, Nick Reinoehl, Adrienne Clark, Olivia Gent,Michael Jordan, Christina Scheiber, Kristy L. Stemen, Jensen Snyder, Bowls Frozen Desserts, Sharon Southard Brooks, Jo Anne 'Habegger' Emerick, Claudia Wessner, Cherrilyn Thomas, Christina King, and everyone who continues to give and give!! Please know that all the clothing you give doesn't have to be new....just in good condition. Also remember we are needing all our Christmas bags items by Monday so we can put those together Tuesday...thank you everyone.

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