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blessed portion update

Friday Night Blessed Portion Update 12-7-18

Hello Everyone--

So first of all BIG thanks to Sara Norris and Stevie Norris for making enough lasagna to feed 150 people including rolls. My only job was to pick it up at Pathway Community Church.... I did but apparently left 6 pans still in the oven..........YUP I dropped the ball. I dont even know how that happened. Thankfully Hallmark Home Mortgage-NMLS#53441 got a hold of us and had some pasta to bring so we had enough....thankful that God supplied because of my mishap. Thank you Sara and Stevie for all your hard work....I sincerely apologize- you went to all that work and so much was left behind :( I also dropped the ball in that I forgot the bag of hand warmers and trust me it was COLD!!!!!!!!! Oh my.....please pray for my brain!!!

We did hear some good news tonight. One friend starts a new job next week and still has her place. Another friend will be starting a 3rd shift job which means we wont see much of him, but thankful he has a job. And some of the best news we heard was a friend of ours had a woman offer him to stay in her basement for the winter!!! So thankful he will be warm. His disability was denied, but he is already appealing it so were praying it all works out.

Tonight was pretty low key despite all my mishaps thanks to God!!! We had a great dinner and some free entertainment from Gibson Dunaway. He for a couple weeks has wanted to write a song for our friends. He spent some time praying on what he should sing about and tonight he shared it with so many. One man had tears in his eyes as he listened to the song, and another friend offered him some tips on playing the guitar. Love seeing people be encouraged and how they encourage us.....seems pretty much how God wants it to be.

Had a dear friend come up and express his thankfulness for the food and clothing but also for the spiritual encouragement he receives saying that has meant so much to him. It also means a lot to us to hear as well how God is helping people. Also last week there were some friends who wanted the reassurance they were going to heaven and tonight we were able to give them a Jesus Calling book and that meant a lot!!!

The need continues to grow for warm winter jackets, gloves, thermals and boots. So please consider us for any donations along those lines. Please also look at our Christmas Bag list and see if you can add anything to it. We are still needing Christmas candy as we have only received one small bag, as well as small summer sausages. If you want to donate remember all donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 ministry. You can donate through tangible items which are to be left at Pathway Community ChurchFort Wayne. MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery in Garrett and Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre, as well as Hamilton Church of Christin Hamilton. If you want to donate financially you can through Facebook, or through our website or mail to The Blessed Portion Ministries Po Box 188 Garrett Indiana 43738.

Thank you everyone and remember ask someone to church to this week. Offer to pick them up and maybe buy them a coffee or lunch afterwards...never know it may just change their life and just possibly yours as well!

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