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Friday Update

Hello Everyone,

Tonight St Joe Church of Christ, Jason and Vicki Holman, Rod Laux, Jennifer Laux provided us with Spaghetti and buttered bread. We also had Judd Johnson and his crew bring much needed hot chocolate for everyone since it was a chilly evening....thank you guys for giving of your time and resources to serve with us. We appreciate all the hard work that goes into preparing for a Friday evening.

At the first stop many still came out despite the cold temperatures and it was nice to visit with so many. Heard how one couple is planning on getting married and they seem very happy which is good. Also saw our one friend who lost her granddaughter two weeks ago. She is still struggling with the reality that her grand daughter is not here anymore and we need to keep her whole family in our prayers. Heard how another lady is starting a new job at Kroger and seems to be pretty excited as well to have this new change coming for her and her family. We also talked a little bit how much we miss Dallas being around. Not seeing him around sure is hard and there is huge hole in all of our hearts. There are many who are no longer with us and each year the number rises and rises.

As we headed over to the Mission there were many new the weather is getting colder many are able to have bed nights which is a blessing. Sleeping outside in the cold is hard, but also add rain to that makes it even harder. Heard more and more good news. Some who have started a new job, some who are still at their job which is equally good news. Met a man who was thrilled that he was able to fit into a pair of cowboy boots that were bought. He couldn't believe they were his size... he was smiling ear to ear. Love how the simplest of things can be so heartwarming. Also a very good friend was tearing up as he was given a coat that fit him. He NEVER asks for anything, but for some reason he was looking for a coat tonight. We didn't have any, but then another friend gave me back the coat we gave him a couple weeks ago because he got a different coat, so that meant there was a coat available. So our friend was THRILLED!!! He couldn't believe he had such a nice coat...he wanted to give it back and we said heck no!! So he tried it on and it fit....and that made his night.....again something so simple means so much!!

Also had a friend come up to me and share how God worked in his life last week. He shared how he was upset with someone who was dishonest about something. This person was clearly in the wrong for what he did and my friend was not happy about it. He though later went to this individual and told him that he knew what he did and how he completely disagreed with his actions. He shared how that it was starting to make him have ill feelings and thoughts and that wasn't going to happen anymore. So he went to this man and told him that he forgave him for what he did and that he was no longer going to let his wrong actions destroy his peaceful heart. The other man didn't know what to say I don't think....but without saying I'm sure there was conviction. My friend wanted to share that with me not so much about telling on someone, but rather at the work that God is doing in his heart and life. It also taught me to again keep my heart in check....

So tonight was a cold chilly night, but also very heartwarming. Thankfully we had enough socks, hats, gloves and jackets for all who needed them. We had a hot meal, drinks and God showed up as He always does. Many who want to start coming to church which is also a blessing and many who just wanted some extra prayer and they got it. Life is hard for many in different ways and yet our God has the answers. We now pick up two women for church each week who are clean and sober. They are finding strength in Jesus Christ and hopefully feeling loved by many. Having a ride to church is so important and we are thankful to be able to tell so many we can provide them a way there and back...thank you to all who drive each for us. Thank you to all of you who make sack lunches for them as well...its very appreciated!!!!

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