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Blessed Portion Friday Update 10-26-18

Hello Everyone--

Tonight we had hot food from Adrienne Clark and her crew and it was perfect for the cold rainy night we had!! Thank you to all who prepared such a feast for everyone.....we had the exact amount needed!!!!

Tonight at our first stop we heard some tragic news as one friend shared how her grand daughter passed away. She was 2 years old and the family needs so many prayers as they navigate their way through this. Then had another friend share how her friend was the one found in the park last week. She is devastated and needs prayer as well. This is the second loss for her that has struck deep within her. As we prayed tonight we lifted both friends up as they are grieving and struggling on top of that of trying to figure out where they will be staying. It is about impossible for women to have a place to stay when they are homeless....we need more shelters!!

On a good note though we had one friend proudly show us his keys to his SMALL place--but its ALL HIS!!!! Thankfully Amber Gaskill had some towels and blankets in her car, and we happened to have a couple dishes in our van and so he was thrilled. Its been awesome to see this friend get his own place, because this summer he was struggling so hard to not give up....and now he has a safe and warm place to call his own!!!

We also heard from a couple friends who are outside that they are looking at next week for some news on a place. They seem pretty excited and hopeful this will work out. They both work and are always friendly.....they are determined to make it and its so amazing to see. Also saw our friend from awhile back who is no longer under a bridge .....he is doing great and looks healthy and we are thrilled!!!!

Tonight we gave out alot of socks because of the rain, and many blankets. Also our friend who needed the steel toe boots was SO happy to see he had some boots for work!! He chatted with us for a few minutes, but then had to head to work....and he was smiling!!! Its hard to be happy and joyful when you are struggling so much and yet he is always happy. One friend asked for joy when we took prayer requests. He said that he accepted Jesus last week, and this week needed joy......................and so we prayed. I love his humility and honesty to ask for that. Many of us I believe need joy....that peaceful joy of just knowing God has all things under control and is always working. For us to be joyful in the truth of we will never be separated from Him. We as a team always learn from those we serve and we thank God for it. We dont have it all together, but we do know Jesus loves us and were always pursuing Him. Real joy isn't about where we live, how much money we have, what kind of clothes we wear, our so called status' has to come from knowing God and surrendering our lives over to Him and letting him have all of us....and then letting him do His job. He gave His life for us and truly that is the greatest gift right? So that's where our joy should stem from. Life will always give us a roller coaster ride of emotions and struggles, but again in God we can trust He will take care of us.

Many thanks to everyone who donated this week, to those who came this week to serve, those who pray for us and those we serve. God bless everyone!

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