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Blessed Portion Update 10-19-18

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to Hallmark Mortgage for providing our dinner tonight....again we had the perfect amount of food and everyone had full bellies!!

Tonight the concern for many was where they were going to sleep. Many have seen on the news the recent evictions that are taking place and it is a mess for sure. Talked with a couple who refuses to separate from each-other which is understandable. He doesn't want to leave his wife in the woods and so they stick together....meaning we need more shelters. It was hard to hear the frustrations of so many knowing that there isn't anything we could do.

We were glad though to have our friend David Hagedorn back serving with us- he has been missed and we always feel better knowing he's with us. We had the usual people show up and hang out with us at all the stops and oh how we enjoy our friends. There are times of laughter, tears, praise reports and prayer requests. One friend mentioned how he was able to see his grand-kids for the first time ever today. He was able to spend some time playing in a pool with them and he was grinning ear to ear!! So thankful that he is now finally having some good things play out in his life. He shared how that since he is living for God things are moving forward and for the good!!

In the midst though of homelessness and addiction God is moving in the hearts of those we serve. Tonight 5 people gave their life to Christ and that is a beautiful thing. Its very humbling to see people reaching out to God and believing that He loves them and giving Him control. Its a blessing to pray with people and to see them make a decision for Christ.

Many lives have been lost in this past year on the streets and its so important to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and thankfully many of our friends know Jesus. We pray we can have more and more the opportunities to continue to share Christ with all.

Please pray for those struggling with addiction, trauma and for God to reveal Himself to them. Pray that we will continue to have transportation for those who want to come to church each week as well. Thank you to all who made sure we had everything we needed this week--truly your a blessing!! And for all of you who wished these updates were shorter you finally got your prayer answered:) God bless!!

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