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Remembering Dallas

Sadly we have again lost another dear friend. On 8-14-18 Dallas William Busick passed away. It is a huge loss for all who knew him and things will never be the same without him.

He was as we all know a genius on every sport there was pretty much. He loved Football...the Rams were his team. Many times there would be smack talking about my Seattle Seahawks and the Rams between us.

The wonderful thing about Dallas is he was a good man. He was kind, funny, honest and wouldn't hurt anyone in any way,always smiling and had a great laugh!! Seemed you would be doing something and all of a sudden Dallas would roll in like a tornado and he was always laughing and cutting up.

He loved his mama Anita who passed last year, his sister Billie, loved his sports, metalica music, God and he loved those around him well. I have heard him many times offer part of his lunch up in the van after church if anyone needed it. He was just like that....and we all are in shock that he really is gone.

Wednesday August 22nd we will be having a memorial service at Freiman Square at 8:00 so please come out and remember our friend.

His sister lives in California and is planning a celebration of life service in October at Pathway Community Church. She has many things to cordinate with her family etc so that is why its in October. We will let everypone know what date and time it will be as we are thinking we will know by Sunday.

As far as the reason why he passed away...his sister has a few ideas but until the autopsy comes back she wont know for sure and when she does she will let us know. So lets just remember him for how he touched all of us and be thankful we got to be a part of his life.

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