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blessed portion update

Blessed Portion Friday Update 8-10-18

Hello Everyone,

Thank you Maria Rios, Jackie Mangas and her crew (the famous Greek ladies) for providing our favorite.....chicken and rice dinner with all the fixins! We had plenty of food with them and some food from Joe Leksich and his family!! Thanks SO much everyone. Its such a wonderful ministry that these women do every month for us and we love them and their big hearts.

So this post is going to be short....Im sure many are happy because they are normally so long. We had a wonderful night...too hot for me but still wonderful. 3 highlights are:

1. Was able to talk with a man who chose to watch us from across the street for some time. He eventually came over and shared how he doesn't believe in God.....but liked what we were doing. After about a 30 min conversation with him and Tommy he is thinking of possibly coming to church.

2. Met a man tonight who in my opinion took a huge leap. He shared how he was previously in a gang ...not some goofy gang but a legit hard core gang. He shared how he lost a family member one night because of a gang related incident. He also shared how he has a young son and wants to be a better example for him, a great father and godly example. He said that when he was younger he went to church and was baptized and his mom always tried to point him to Jesus. He took some wrong paths along the way but as of last night re dedicated his life back to Jesus. It takes courage to reach out to a total stranger and share your life like that, but he did. I prayed first with him and then he prayed and it was beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing him come to church with us and find some healing and encouragement.

3. Well from the picture you can see we celebrated Marcus birthday with him as we have for many years. He is not ready to make some needed changes, but we don't give up. What got to my heart was that he remembered it was Tommy's birthday next Wednesday and he had a card waiting for me to give him. I looked around at his environment and thought how in the world did he remember this, and then to think he went out of his way to get a card and wrap it up in a plastic bag so it didn't get wet!! Reminded me again how I NEED to be better and remembering the little things for others and not say I'm too busy!!

So great food, too hot of weather for me but its ok. A man who gave his life back to Jesus and a man who doesn't believe but just maybe is willing to come to church, and Marcus who always says were best friends and we are.

So everyone remember there is so much going on downtown and God is moving and is alive.... we need your prayers, support, and we still need drivers for Sundays if possible...lets not allow anyone to have to stay back because of no transportation!!!

Thanks to everyone for all you gave this week...and God bless!

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