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friday update

Hello Everyone,

Friday was a night of laughs, tears, good news, bad news, heartache, praises and a whole lot of friends and love!! First off last week the woman we told you about we met who was sleeping outside is thankfully now in the Charis house! She has been in touch all week and tonight on the way downtown I was able to drop off thanks to your donations...some women's clothes, bra, undies, socks and a few other much needed items!! She was so thankful to have these things and is already in the process of getting a job. She does however need size 71/2 steel toed boots for her if anyone has any please let us know asap. She even offered to pay for them once she gets a paycheck, but we told her God has this so no worries!! The picture with this post is where she stayed last week....and now she is in a real bed, with blankets and has what she needs. Seeing her tonight was such a blessing and God just continues to remind us that He is aware of all of us!!!! Thankful she is now safe!!

Last week we also met a man who as far as we can tell has no one. He is not a addict and doesn't have any legal issues...his time was just up at the Mission and he had no where to go. He does receive a check each month and thankfully Tommy has been able to help him get a phone and into a hotel. He has some mental health issues and truly needs someone looking out for him. He said that his plan was to sleep outside, thankfully he doesn't have to. So again another way God has shown up this week and we are blessed to see it!!

As far as our friends tonight there was a lot of great news. 3 people talked about how they have secured some sort of shelter over the past week and hey that is fabulous!!! Many talked about how they have been working and again that is fabulous.

Talked with one man who accepted Christ last week and he shared how his anxiety is off the charts right now. He has been in prison and on some hard core being off of those is filling him with some anxiety. He is now forced to face his past and deal with today and that alone makes him want to use drugs so he can escape. Please pray for him... he truly needs it!!

Tonight we also talked with a friend who is working and needs to finish out the rest of next week and then can hopefully get back in the Mission. Pray for him as well.....doing the right thing is not easy especially when the bad thing seems to be chasing you at every many to pray for!!

Tonight thankfully to David and Veronique Poudrier we had just enough food...pasta and salad to go around. Joe Leksich and his family also prepared some baked goods so that is always a hit!! We had all of our bins full which was a answer to prayer as well so than

kyou!!! Thank you to everyone who each week gives and gives in so many different ways so we can in turn give back!!! Please continue to pray for those we serve, for us and this ministry and for the bins to always be full!!!! Thanks everyone

Thanks to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Toby Hendrickson, Christina Scheiber, Danny, Jacquie Aldrich, The Curiosity Shop, Mjs Apparel, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot,

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