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Blessed Portion Friday night Update 6-15-18

Genesis 6- In this chapter we can learn more about Noah and the account of what God asked him to do. The picture with this post is a replica of the ark that Noah built with his sons at the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. Its an amazing place to visit and truly puts the magnitude into perspective as to what Noah was asked to do....Talk about amazing and BIG faith. Something that others most likely said he was crazy to even to even try and build it...yet God often asks us to step into the "impossible" to show what the power of faith and obedience can do.

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to Hallmark Mortgage Company-- Tracy White, Deborah Sturges, Maria Rios, Tina Bennett and the rest of their crew for bringing dinner for everyone. They have also decided to partner with us and bring a meal once a month!!! How awesome is that?

At our first stop we met a couple who is new to the streets and we were able to give them a few needed items and some good information as far as where to go for recovery and shelter. Hopefully they decide to move forward getting the help they need. Also heard some hard stories of deep sadness and loss in regards to Fathers day. So many have not had a good role model in their life and many have lost their fathers....hard to hear.

We did though hear some good news. One man asked for prayer last week because he felt like giving up....saying he was on the edge. Saw him tonight and he quickly came up and was beaming! Said he is doing SO much better and loved being able to come to Pathway Community Church last week. He said that he felt so welcome there, everyone was friendly and there was no judgement towards that is how Jesus wants it to be. Thankful he asked for prayer and that God answered!!!

We ended our night by sitting with a friend on the sidewalk and praying with her. She had a rough night with those around her and being outside is not easy. She was extremely frustrated and thankfully we have some patient and compassionate women who volunteer with us. We sat with her for about 25 minutes and listened as he she aired her frustration- and how her life used to be in comparison to how it is now. Clearly she is not where she wants to be but its hard coming out of homelessness ....its not like you just go and get a place to live and a job...for those who need assistance with mental health makes it even harder. There was nothing we could say to her that hasn't already been said so we listened, encouraged her and told her she was loved. She eventually calmed herself down and headed back to where was sleeping...hard to see her making her way in the dark to her little area to sleep!!!

So as a team each week we pray at each stop. Tonight we talked about the faith of Noah and what God asked of him. Something that seemed so impossible, and something that others had to have given him many words of discouragement about. He though remained faithful to what God asked of him and because of that him and his whole family was saved. We used that story to relate to whatever it is each person may be facing that seems completely impossible that nothing is impossible when God is involved. Things that God wants us to do but those around us think there is no way it will ever happen. Maybe that means just trying got get clean, making amends to others and or family members. Maybe its just forgiving others and or ourselves. There are things God asks each of us to do stretching us in a big way, and yet big or small God has already equipped us to complete. We just have to step out in faith and watch what He does.. Just like the ark Noah and his family was HUGE, and I'm sure his neighbors thought he was totally nutso and yet he didn't quit. So hopefully people tonight took some truth from that story for themselves and decided to step out and believe for the impossible to be done!

So thank you to those of you who donated this week....we gave out just about all the blankets we brought with us, socks, underwear and thank you!!! Thanks also to Jacquie Aldrich, Amber Gaskill, Toby, Michael Jordan, Sasha Gravante, Nick Reinoehl, Christina Scheiber,Kim Ted Shook, Pathway community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Randy and Cherrilyn Thomas,

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