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Blessed Portion Friday Update 5-25-18

Hello Everyone,

Tonight was a great night--had many come out in the good weather and it was nice. We changed things up a bit tonight and had walking tacos which seemed to be a pretty good idea!!! Some came and visited for just a little bit and then headed back to where they were staying and many stayed for longer. Its nice to hear how people are doing. Heard from one friend how he lost his job --which means he now will most likely lose his place. Its been a hard road for him as he has worked so hard to get off the streets. He is a hard worker for sure and now were not sure what is going to happen. So needless to say he was pretty frustrated ...and yet he still came down to serve with us. He's pretty incredible and a very giving friend and for us he is family! So pray that he will find a new place to stay and a new job. Also talked with our friend who will be having surgery next Friday. Her and her boyfriend are just so sweet and caring. Even though they are struggling they still come down to see us and make it for church every week. She will be off for awhile from work so not sure how it will be financially for her but we know God will take care of them.

We also talked with a friend who we hadn't seen in about 2 weeks. He shared how that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot 3 times. He showed where the bullets pierced his body and as tears came down his cheeks he said how thankful he was to be alive. When we said that we were happy to see him again...He said "Its good to be seen and not viewed." Yup that was a pretty quiet moment after he said that. He talked about how he is rededicating his life to Christ and is willing to go the distance with Jesus and for that we are so happy. Heard how others are having major health issues, some of their families are having health issues...cancer, tumors, surgeries etc... alot of prayers are needed for so many.

We also were able to visit with our lady friends at Hobson house and because they are amazing I was able to get a trim while we visited!! Nothing like going to see your friends, bringing food and clothing and walking out with a good hair cut!!! The women there are amazing and like you and me. They have their struggles, frustrations and need prayer. They need encouragement and consistency and most of all God's strength. So please pray for them. You may not know their names but God does and knows who you mean when you pray for them!!

We also tonight emptied every bin!!! As always the socks are the number 1 thing to go. Even though it was around the high 80s we still gave out several hoodies as well and all the shoes!!! One friend needed a outfit he said as he was traveling to go see his daughter for her birthday and didn't want to show up in what he was wearing. So we gave him a few items and hoping he made it ok to her party.

We saw some old friends as well make their way back into town. Good to see them but yet you know they are again more prayers are needed. Talked with a friend who still is on his binge as he says. He talked about how he will most likely die outside. He is able to get help, but for whatever reason he wont. It was hard tonight to hear him pray...he said that he wanted God to forgive him for what he is doing and that he hoped if he died he would still go to heaven. When you love someone so much and they refuse to help themselves, and you hear them pray that it sure messes up your heart!! You want to drag them into the nearest shelter or recovery house and force them to stay and get help. Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. So we still love and encourage him and others . We point them to help and recovery and also point them to the One who is the healer of all things.

We talked tonight about Romans 6:1 which says "What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?" We talked about how God is forgiving, merciful and yet still commands obedience and a healthy respect of Him. We can sometimes get to loosy goosey with God and our actions. The thinking can be "Oh God will forgive me" and we settle into what we know is wrong. While we all need Gods grace, mercy and forgiveness we also need to have a full obedient heart towards God and His ways. We talked about how God is patient with us (thank goodness) but if were really serious about living our life for Him we need to change whatever He is asking to and trust that He will help us. One friend mentioned how he is into taking good care of his body and working out ...except he smokes and knows that is really harming him. He shared how that he needs to now get serious and quit... same thing was for me 15 years ago. Asking God to give me good health, protect me, forgive me for smoking and yet not even trying to quit. Romans 6:1 was the verse that got me through that nightmare of quitting and thankfully I will never smoke again :)

So all in all it was a good night. We laughed alot, heard some hard stories and heard what is on peoples hearts. We have such amazing friends and we love everyone. We love that we have relationships that will continue forever...into eternity and look forward to more as God brings them to himself!

Thanks to our church Pathway Community Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Grace Summit Church, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Mark Stebing,Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Pam Sullivan and her crew who helped us tonight, Jacquie Aldrich, Christina Scheiber, Scott Wright, Toby, Amber Gaskill, The curiosity shop in Garrett,Nick Reinoehl, Sasha Gravante, and everyone who drops items off for us each week. There are weeks when I wonder how we will fill those bins and yet we thank you!!!! I will post a needs list next!! Have a great week everyone!!

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