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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update for 4-27-18

Hello Everyone,

In Judges 6 there is a powerful story about a man named Gideon - who God described as a Mighty Warrior. Gideon was not in his own eyes a very important person much less a warrior- however God thought differently. God used this man and his army of 300 men to defeat an opposing army of 135,000 men. The story is powerful because God used only 300 of the original 32,000 men that Gideon chose to fight this battle. God depleted Gideon's resources to ensure everyone would know that He was the reason they won...not them in of themselves, and that is what happened.

Tonight we shared that story to our friends and I love how one friend mentioned that God is doing so called "small" things in his life which really are to him "big" things, and it reinforces that God is leading him, taking care of his needs. Several friends spoke about how for them with their situations they are not in control like they used to be. One friend lost his children's contact information when his phone took a dive and God in his creative ways brought a way for this man to have contact with his kids. One man shared how he needed his birth certificate and didn't know how he would get it and again God did a big thing and provided a way for him. For us these things might seem small, but trust me when your resources in all things is limited it becomes a BIG issue, and for them God showed up and showed off. For our friends it worked just like it did for Gideon that day showing the power of God, what He will do and allow for one to know He exists.

For a few of our friends it seems that they are not quite there yet--- struggling to give it all to God. Struggling to understand that in God's eyes they are warriors because of the fact that Christ is in them. They feel as Gideon did....that they are the least in their families so to speak. Gideon's answer to God when he told him to go to war was "Pardon me, my Lord," But how can I save Israel? My clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family." Some of our friends I think feel like that way...that in some way they don't deserve to be clean and sober. That they will never make it and so in some cases they self sabotage themselves....and tonight that is what we saw with a few good friends. It's hard to see many struggle over and over again and yet our answers are always the same. "Your worth more than this" "Go and check in at The Rescue Mission, Salvation Army and get some help"--some do and some don't.

Many people ask what can be done for those facing homelessness...obviously more affordable programs (because many have to pay weekly and they don't even have a a job because they are trying to get clean and sober). So we need more resources, more shelters, more people helping, more follow up, prayers and compassionate hearts for those who struggle. Tonight our requests were for blankets, sleeping bags because of the evictions and its hard to see. We feel people need to keep their areas clean for many reasons, but it shouldn't be a crime to be homeless--its a vicious cycle. Good news is though many are doing what they can, choosing to stick with recovery and choose to believe that in Gods eyes they are worth it.

So tonight was cold and rainy and yet God always shows up. he always provides what we need and through you we have many tangible items to give. Also side note...asked around about our friend who took the WHOLE bin of Bibles and reading material and said he has been busy reading!!!! So we brought a new bin and restocked it and love that we had to do that!

Thank you to our church Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Christina Scheiber, Amber Gaskill, Michael Jordan, Joe Leksich, Mark, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mjs Apparel,Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Kim Ted Shook, and all who continue to donate items thank so much!!! God bless - have a good week and invite someone to church this week. Maybe offer to buy them coffee or lunch afterwards....never know it may just change their life forever and just possibly yours as well!

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