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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 4-6-18

Hello Everyone,

Well tonight it was snowing and very cold.Thankfully not too many came out which hopefully means they were somewhere warmer! The few that did come out at our first stop had plenty to eat and all left full! Saw our friend who walks 45 minutes each week to see us. He thankfully tonight had a hat and gloves on and said he was warm as long as he kept moving! It still boggles our minds that he walks so far even in the coldest of temps and having a hot meal for him makes us happy. We gave out a lot of hats, gloves and hand warmers at first stop so thank you to all who make that happen with donations.

We then headed to the Rescue Mission as we always do for our second stop and we are thankful we can visit with our friends there every week....thanks Jared Nathaniel for always welcoming us there!! The Rescue Mission is doing great things for many and its wonderful to see a place where people can go to not only help them physically but spiritually as well, because its with God that we can overcome anything. We gave out about a dozen coats tonight, all the clothing and a special Bible. Had a friend who saw a green hard cover Living Bible in the box bin and he was happy. He said that he had been praying for a Bible like that because he used to have one but doesn't any longer....again one of those moments where you see God answering prayers and it means so whoever donated that green Bible know that for one man his prayer was answered!!

From there we headed over to Hobson House and visited with our newest friends which are the women who are now staying now. We were able to bring 11 individual bags for each woman which included....shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, razors, washcloths, scrunchies, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant and they were very appreciative. We are thankful to see our friends though and have added these women to our prayer lists- please continue to pray for them as they fight to stay sober and work on getting their families resorted.

As we were there Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson was gracious and humble enough to share her story and it was exactly what those women needed to hear. I love what she said in that "Her story does not end with her past....her story continues..... on a new and better road" She openly shared her struggles, the tactics of satan and the goodness and faithfulness of God!! Its so important for all of us to share the ugly we have gone through so that others can see the beauty that came out of the ashes....for that is the testimony of who God is and what He can do. People need hear each of our that they can be encouraged to trust God with their struggles knowing that He can help them!!!

So tonight was a cold but warming night, windy but perfectly still in the presence of God and all together a blessing that we GET to do this each week!!! Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage And Wellness,Mark Stebing Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Claudia Weesner, Christina Scheiber, Christina King, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson,Jacquie Aldrich, Lori Williams, Toby, and all who pray for us, all who drop off items.....THANKYOU!!

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