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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 3-30-18

Hello Everyone--

Tonight was a blessing to be with friends, to be able to take communion with our friends and understand what Good Friday is about. Tommy said it perfectly when he said its hard to call it "Good Friday" because it was a hard day as well.....thankfully Jesus Christ on that day never gave up on the will of His Father and His DEEP love for us.....because He died and rose again we have eternity to spend with Jesus Christ IF we choose. Christ is a gentleman and will not force anyone to love or follow Him....we have free will but one would be a fool to not accept the free gift of Salvation !!!

Tonight we spent time giving our friend who accepted Christ last week a nice new easy to read Bible and a cross necklace. She was thankful for something to read that was a easier translation to understand. She is also moving forward on bringing some Holy light into some spiritually dark areas of her life as well. We didn't have too many down at our first stop but enough to have conversations with. Was able to see our little 3 year old cutie pa tutuee Landon tonight. He was happy to eat some of the dinner provided so he could then have a easter cupcake!! I think I saw several others enjoy a good old fashioned cupcake as well!! Talked with our friend Jim tonight for a bit. He told me that he walks 45 minutes to come and hang out with us --45 min one way!! I always try to give him a hat, gloves or even a warmer coat but he wont take it...says he will only take what he needs. It was starting to get a little chilly and as he was leaving and I was in amazement of his commitment to walk so far to visit with us!!!

We were also able to give a much needed tent to a man whose current tent has several holes in it ....again sometimes the simplest things go so far with someone!! Tonight we handed out pretty much every thing we had brought with us and that is always a good thing.

We also want to thank a few people and organizations that in the last few weeks have helped us so much. First is the RAW Class from Garrett High School- they sponsored a event called "Hoops for the homeless." An event in where they had fundraisers, a student- teacher basketball, and a chuck a duck contest. They brought in over 1000 items I believe in clothing and hygiene items. They also raised some money for us and we are thankful for the help. Its amazing when your community comes behind you and helps others.....and its again a great reminder of what can happen when people join together!!! Thanks to Linda Laws, Emily Liter, Brian Lawhead, Karaghan Kirpatrick, Allison Wichman, Gavin Brown, Britney Koehl, Linda Walls, Katie Treesh, Layla Dominguez, Alexis Wicker, Ivy Morr, Senella Martinex, Shannon Lacey, Madison Weimer who are all member of The Real Adult World Class. Thank you to all the Garrett High School Teachers who also participated in the events....and of course you came out with a WIN on the game!!!

Also want to thank my friend Tracy Slone Conn who has gone above and beyond for our ministry time and time again with organizing sock fundraisers, hat and glove drives. She is a super nice lady and her store that she was working at in Kendallville at a store called Kendallville's Fransican Center Family Thrift Store. They have now closed their doors and are no longer in business. However they were kind of enough to let us come in and grab what we wanted a few weeks ago for free....such nice people...Thank you!! Also thanks to Steve Davis 3rd grade class for making individual snack treat bags for our friends. Each year he involves his students with helping Charis House, Rescue Mission and us and again how much one person can do when they stick their minds to it is thank you Steve Davis for always thinking of those we serve!!

Ok everyone thank you for always dropping items off for us truly it takes all of us and for that we can thank God for His provision!! have a great week.

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