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The Blessed Portion Ministries

Blessed Portion Update for 2-23-18

Hello Everyone--

We often hear stories of peoples random acts of kindness and how it affects others. We hear how people will pay for the person behind them in the drive through, or someone who lets another go first in a long line etc.... It usually inspires others to participate in it as well and thus keeps its going... Tonight as we went to Burger King we had our friend "Cool Dave" come up to me and with a huge smile on his face say as he put $1.13 cents in my hand...."Here, go buy you and Tommy a Pepsi." I at first said no that I couldn't accept it and he insisted. He had finished eating his meal and was on his way out as this took place. As I took that change I have to say my heart swelled up a million times and I was humbled, thankful and convicted. I thought to myself he has really nothing....and yet he always is smiling. He is always encouraging. He is always soft spoken. He is always gentle and is always a good friend. Some might say that it wasn't that much money so who cares....and yet it was ALOT of money, because of not only his situation but also his heart. He gave out of his own lack. He gave to bless someone else when he could have used that to purchase necessities for himself. He gave in that moment his heart.....and again I was humbled. Would I have given in that situation...especially to someone who I knew had more resources then me? Would I have been so generous to bless someone else when I myself needed help? I don't know....I would like to think so, but I also know when your in deep need its hard to give the little you have left to someone who really isn't in need...again it is humbling and a teachable moment.

Tonight we talked about the life of Billy Graham and the millions he preached the word to, the millions who accepted Christ because of his consistent simple message. We talked about how we would want people to remember us--what will people say about us? What will people truly remember? How that all of us really have a simple message if we are willing to share it. The simpleness of the message of the messes we have been in. The simple message of what God has done in our lives..... we all have a message. We all are given one life and how we spend it will matter not only eternally, but for those around us as well. Seeing the simple but yet extravagant gift of our friend Cool Dave to us tonight reminds of how vital and contagious kindness and giving can be. How simple things really are life changing.

We also gave out 3 new starter kits to some men who are new to the streets. Those kits include book bags with socks, underwear, toilet paper, flashlights, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, snack bags, hand warmers, sternos, bottles of water, gloves, hats, warm jackets and some encouragement. You never know who your going to come across and its such a blessing to have what we need at those moments so thank you to all who donate each week!

Thanks to our church Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Stacy and Nina Hagerty, Jacquie Aldrich, Amber Gaskill, Lori Williams, Nick Reinoehl, Sasha Gravante , Christina Scheiber, Rose Gaspar, Toby, Selena Simmons, William Born, Chelsea Born, John, Mark Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Mjs Apparel, Jo Anne 'Habegger' Emerick, Sharon Ringenberg, Barbara Miser, and everyone who continues to drop off items each week for us...we were so thankful to have full bins this week to take!!!!

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