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friday night update for 2-2-18

Friday Night Update 2-2-18 The Blessed Portion Ministries

Hello Everyone,

Ever have one of those moments where you know God wants you to do something, but still unclear of the whole picture? Well tonight was one of those nights. We always pray for God to lead us as we go downtown to meet our friends. We pray that our hearts be led by the Holy Spirit, and that we don't get in the way of what He wants to accomplish. Sometimes God gives us something to share and or even a song to share....tonight was the song I am redeemed by Big Daddy Weave. We all can fall in the trap of defining ourselves by our mistakes, short comings, failures and can even project that on to others by defining them based on their actions- good or bad. When asked who we are or to describe ourselves many times the first answers are... I'm just a mom. I'm a business man. I am an addict. I am a convict. I am a alcoholic. I am divorced. I am alone. I am ........ and we forget the most important thing to define us should be I am a daughter/son of The King. I am redeemed. I am forgiven. I am free. I am loved. I am valuable. I am able to do all things through Christ.

Seems most of us tend to see the negative first about ourselves and others, and yet God doesn't see the negative first about us. He sees His children. He sees the struggle of many trying to overcome issues, the desire to be loved, to be accepted. He sees the heartache and pain, and yet also knows He sent His son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins. He knows the price was paid for our healing-- He knows the gift of love that He gave because He is love. Tonight as we played this song it was beautiful to hear friends singing along with it. To be in places where there is a real need for God, for acceptance, for love, and forgiveness, for second, third and fourth chances needed and to see God tug at hearts surely tugs at our hearts as well because we are no different.

Tonight the Holy Spirit captured hearts of those hurting through one of our friends/volunteer. He spoke openly about his addiction, his disregard for certain things during the height of his addiction. He shared the lengths he went too in order to keep his habit alive....and how he almost literally died in his addiction. He shared how that there came this moment when he knew he was done....heroin literally stole everything from him including tangible items, his kids, family, and people he cared about. He had that moment when he said God I need help. He ended up going to a shelter in town for 10 days then transferred over to another facility where he has been clean for 6 months. He now sees his kids, sees his girlfriend and is in contact with his family---some major restoration taking place and he knows he is redeemed!! While he is still in a recovery house he is growing in his walk with Christ, is serving those we see downtown with us on Fridays and its been a pleasure. As he shared his story tonight a man came up to him and thanked him for being so honest and sharing his story. This man also had od two weeks ago on drugs and was brought back....since then he has accepted Christ and is on his own path of recovery--understanding that he is redeemed!!

We love to hear these stories, love to hear people sharing because it helps others when they can see the work that God has done. It gives them hope, gives them strength and encouragement.

Tonight was a good, but COLD night-- and yes there are people who are currently sleeping outside. They for whatever reason feel they can endure it and many do so lets keep praying for them. We gave out all but two pair of pants and 1 jacket so our bins are literally empty--- which is good and bad. Thankful tonight so many got a warm jacket, gloves, hats, socks, hygiene kits, hand warmers and food!!! Thank you this week to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, Amber Gaskill,Lori Williams, Kathy DeMuyt, Deana Lash and their cooking crew for making such a good hot dinner and homemade cookies---thankyou Ladies, Christina Scheiber, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage & Wellness Centre, Veronique Poudrier, Angie Hayden, Tom Cook, Daryl Middleton from Fort Wayne Methodist Church, and all of you who continually drop off items each week for us to take down with us--thank you so much!

Big Daddy Weave - "Redeemed" (Official Music Video)

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