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friday update

The Blessed Portion Update

Friday Night Update For 9-2-17

I John 1:9 "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins."

Hello Everyone,

This update is a day late, but non the less Friday was a powerful night. Have to say the weather was perfect....not to hot, had a good breeze going and no rain!! Started the night out meeting at Burger King for prayer as we normally do and this week Tracy joined us. She is the one who last week received Christ, was baptized and got a new Bible. We have been talking regularly and she wants to start giving back and helping others so she asked if she could join and of course we said "Absolutely!" She met us there and hung out for the whole night and came to church today. She called a few minutes ago, and when I asked what she was doing she said "Preaching the word down at the library!" AMAZING!!! Met a new face Friday and he was in need of a tent. We knew where there was one ,and that no one was using it any longer, so we steered him that way and he was grateful. Heard how one young friend was a target this past week and yet her strength was amazing....she told us what happened and simply said "I wont be walking alone anymore." HARD to hear and see that stuff...especially in women. Also talked with another woman who was thankfully able to stay with two other women as she has no where to go...again HARD!!! We truly need more shelters for women...shelters that are open 24-7 and open to ALL WOMEN!! We also had the pleasure of as always going to The Fort Wayne Rescue Mission...thankful they allow us to come and visit everyone. Alot of good things happening with our friends there. We also went to our new stop Catalpa Street and was able to stay an extra 15 minutes- this will give us more time to get know people there. Our one friend has now been there a month and is doing great....its truly something to see. He is happy, smiling, not smoking, working around the shelter and God has shown himself to him and to the others. We played a game of checkers and yes of course I lost.....not good at checkers I guess. We ended the night by going to a few spots and met a new man. He was sleeping outside and was a little banged up. We were able to talk with him for a bit...he had a friend with him but that friend was already sleeping. Where he was sleeping was not comfortable at all and so we were able to give him a blanket, a sleeping bag, some snacks, water and trash bags and prayers...hopefully it helped him some. We talked with our friends at each stop how God forgives us of our sins, and yet why do we struggle with forgiving ourselves and even others? We took some time at each stop to write down what was that ONE thing that we just cant seem to forgive ourselves for. Maybe it is murder, theft, abuse, lying, betrayal, rape, abortion, adultery....whatever it is we need to accept Gods forgiveness and forgive ourselves. Going around and taking time to write it down on personal pieces of paper was moving...then we threw them away... God says that He remembers our sin no more once were forgiven and while WE may never forget what we have done we can be free from the condemnation and shame of it...and once we do that it changes our identity. How we feel about ourselves which then in effect changes how we relate to others, how we serve others, and shapes how we share the love and redemption of the cross. It was pretty special to see everyone engage in this exercise...some may have thought "Oh brother here we go again....Gina has something for us to do!" hee hee, but they at least took part and were hoping people today feel a little more free than they did Friday night!! So we had a great night, had a great Sunday worshiping with one another. Its extremely emotional to be in church and look around and see those who come with us. Those who are struggling, but still hopeful God has a plan. Those who barely made it up that day and yet chose to give God some time. Those who are are in a totally different and good place from 6 years ago. To seeing our new friend Tracy with us and smiling. To seeing Doranne and our landon over in the deaf section and those they bring with them....and just observing the fruit of the work of the Lord. It's His work, His results, His fruit and again we are blessed to be a part of his will!!!! Thanks everyone for helping and supporting us and those we serve!!

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