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Blessed Portion Update for 8-25-17

Matthew 28:19 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

Hello Everyone---

Tonight was an amazing night. Jesus said that his followers are to go and preach the gospel, to baptize people, to share the reason of the hope that is within us as believers. It is a privilege to freely share our faith and for others to freely be able to choose Christ publicly.

Tonight we had a woman who needed two things....1. A tent because she was spending her first night on the street tonight. 2. She wanted to get saved and she got both!! She shared how she was scared to be on the streets, as she has never had to do it before....but she was thankful that she had 2 friends who were going to be looking out for her. We were able to get her a tent, sleeping bag, much needed socks, hygiene items, snack bag, flashlight and a book bag. She then shared how she wasn't saved and wanted to be. So our team and some friends on the street all gathered around her and listened as she made her profession of faith, and desire for Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Savior of her life. It was a powerful time and we are so honored to have been a witness to it all. Afterwards we all hugged and congratulated her and then realized how that she needed to be baptized. So we shared with her about baptism, and she understood it all and we baptized her with a bottle of water in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit- right in the parking lot!! Thankfully someone had donated a Bible with tabs already in it and a version easy for her to understand and so she got that as well!!!

We love how God works and pursues us to be with him. We love how that we as the church are not restricted to the walls of a building ....we ARE the church wherever we go, and we can baptize anywhere and with whatever means are available at the time!! Shortly after that awesome time we had a friend come up and ask if we could pray for healing in his leg...and so we gathered again as a team and friends and prayed for complete healing.

It's such a blessing for us to be able to have the means to go and serve our friends on the street, at the Rescue Mission and at our new stop Catalpa Street and to love on them. We are blessed to hear what is happening in their lives and see how God is working. Like with our friend Toby three weeks ago, he was outside on the streets and seeing him tonight at Catalpa Street looking refreshed and renewed is amazing. He has quit smoking, is doing great and is so peaceful and happy. Thank God for this place and the people there who graciously let him come late on a Friday night as we took him there and they all welcomed him in. We love going there.... every week they meet us in the parking lot and wow do our hearts just bust wide open!!!

Knowing each week we have items that people NEED is one less thing we have to worry about and we thank you for donating. For women there isn't many options for 24-7 intake in Fort Wayne, and it is INCREDIBLY hard to tell a woman we have no place for her to go... however to at least have something to give her to get by is something we are truly thankful for so thank you!! Thank you for the men's clothing as well. Tonight we were able to leave some clothing for the men's clothing bank at Catalpa Street and the 4 men there were appreciative as well. Thank you for your financial donations as we are always purchasing items we do not get donated and continue to purchase food for our friends...we serve 150 a week so you can imagine the cost.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton First church of Christ, Renee Eich- Curneal, Stacy and Nina Hagerty,Barbara Miser, Kendra Diller, Deb Diller, Dale Bullion, Tracy Hine-Bullion, Mark and Jennifer Lynne Stebing, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Mjs Apparel, Auburn Massage and Wellness, Lori Williams, Jacquie Aldrich, Rochelle Bloomfield-Wilson, Amber Gaskill, Lisa Gratz, Karen Brooks Gaul, The Curiosity Shop, Amanda and Justin, Matt, Kim Ted Shook, and those who made lunches for us last Sunday after church--THANK YOU!!!

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