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Blessed Portion Update For 7-14-17

Tonight was all sunshine-- NO RAIN!!!! So thankful for that!! Our friends Billy and Amy Laukhuf Heilshorn brought their Kona Ice truck and served us and our friends as many Kona Ice cups they could eat!!! Love their neon truck and the music that played--- even saw a few who were moving to the beat of the music :) For dinner we had nachos which was a hit and tasted fabulous!!!!

Saw an old friend tonight who made his way to Freiman to see us. He shared how his brother overdosed and how hard its been. He also though shared how he is clean from needle marks on his arms and that was a beautiful sight!! He isn't quite sure what he believes fully spiritually, but is seeking and wants to help us out on Fridays and we are excited to have him!!! Love how relationships are built which then leads to more avenues of service!!! Also heard from another friend that because of the loss of a family member last week he had another family member take their life because they couldn't handle the loss. So our friend has lost 2 family members in one week....cannot imagine. Please pray for him and that he stays on track with his rehabilitation.

Talked with many as well who are struggling to find a place to sleep. So many do the right thing in keeping areas cleaned as they do not want to be evicted. Most of them don't even want anyone to know where they are. So tonight there was many talking about how they only have their backpack. Nothing else, no tent, no sleeping bag and that is how it has to be so they do not leave a trail of where they are....sad. Tonight we gave away a lot of socks, shoes, hoodies, and a few blankets and praying that people that are safe.

Some great news of tonight was after our time of prayer we had two men who wanted to grow spiritually. One man gave his life to Christ---he said he was filled with goosebumps--that the Holy Spirit was all over him -- he was shaking and even showed Tommy his arms!!! LOVE IT!!! The other man wanted prayer to get his walk on track with Christ and prayer for his marriage ... so we gathered together and talked with our God. Michael Jordan helped our friends speak their confession to choose Christ and it was beautiful. Love to see the humility of men take the reins away from the devil himself!!!

Also as most know we have been asked to not feed under the viaduct in Freiman as well as other teams. It has been hard because there are many good things that come from being able to have a little bit of shelter for a hour and 15 minutes when your trying to talk with people. Being able to be out of the elements has proven time and time again to be fruitful to those we serve. Of course I tend to be the one who worries more than Tommy and I have been worried as to what we would do. Then God in all His wonderful way of taking care of things solved the problem for us. We were put in contact with Dino Zurzolo who without hesitation offered a building he has for us to feed. Almost couldn't believe it was true, but after meeting with him face to face and him handing us a key we saw he was serious!! Again God proved that He when He made it clear we were to start this ministry almost 6 years ago He was going to take care of us and what HE started. So lesson for me to AGAIN learn is.........stop worrying Gina.....God knows, He sees, He is aware and He will provide...and when HE does it will be HIM who gets all the credit and glory...........and to that I say THANK YOU AND AMEN!! BIG thanks to Dino Zurzolo for trusting us to keep your building clean and free from problems....and we know God will bless you and all your endeavoring to do as well in business!!

So, tonight was a great night. Great food. Great Kona Ice treats. Great to see 2 men give their lives to Christ and great to see how God works and we are blessed to be a part of His ministry and plan!!!!! Keep praying for our friends...REAL CHANGE is happening trust me...again if it wasn't working we wouldn't be doing this every Friday for almost 6 years!! God bless everyone who donates each week--we need them!!! I will post a needs list after this as we need clothing!! Thanks everyone

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