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Blessed Portion Update for 6-23-17

Hello Everyone--

Going downtown tonight we knew would be a little hard as we have lost yet another friend---- Todd A Alt. Usually every Friday we would get a message from him asking what time we were going to be downtown...funny thing is the answer was always the same "Todd, you know were down there at 7:15!" and then he would chuckle and say..yea-yea!!! He would then usually every time ask for fruit cups, a couple pair of socks and prayer.

Many times he would be downtown and would just say "Miss Gina, all I want is some prayer....can you pray for me?" He usually was the first one in the circle and at times would even get on people and tell them to GET IN THE CIRCLE!!! Oh how we will miss that!! Todd loved music, his brother Travis, his family and his friends.... He so much needed others in his life as he navigated through many deep waters and at times his faith. We remember one night as we were finishing up at the Rescue Mission - he came on his bike. He came and poured his heart out....about things he needed prayer for, things he knew he couldn't change but didn't want to be defined, and how he needed to know God loved him. We talked for a long time and he gave his life to Christ that night. What a powerful time that was. As he went to go home I remember making him take lots of fruit cups and canned goods, and he kept saying "Miss Gina-- I don't have room in this book bag--and of course I didn't take no for an answer and we found more room!! Before he left that night he asked for a verse to read before he went to bed on a certain subject and when I got home I forwarded him some verses. He got back right away and said how those were so perfect for him and he was so thankful.

There were many conversations about Christ, forgiveness, life in general, his family, his past and sometimes the present. Todd had a good and loving heart and would do anything for anyone...he truly was a loyal person and that is rare. He was also so thankful for those in his life and how people poured into him..... Ken and Elizabeth Mansuetto Dearing, DonnieandKelly Foster, Sally Becker Segerson and others who do street ministry ---and he had his friends. Todd had a beautiful shy way about him and he was genuine and that is as well rare. We are still in shock that he is no longer with any of us...but we do know where he is ---and we know he is healed, he is free, he is in the presence of pure love, he is at peace and full of joy and that alone helps all of our hearts not be quite as broken.

Many as we have mentioned a lot of times criticize the feeding of those without a home, clothing those without clothing...and for many reasons they do so. Again for us and those who pour their hearts, time and resources into those we serve we know why we do this. We know that while people do need tangible items, they also need love. They need hope. They need to be in relationship with others and they need to know they are not forgotten, they are not less than, they are not unworthy of respect and dignity and they are valuable. Many of us who serve those downtown have enlarged our family so to speak....we have all those we serve as our family...and family sticks together. Family doesn't judge (or shouldn't at least), should be there for another, should listen and take the time to invest in whatever way possible and we know we are better people for it. So THANK YOU Todd A Alt for all you have taught us, for all the laughs and giggles. For all your silly ways, and for blaring your music so loud at times we couldn't even hear you !!!, THANK YOU for the privilege of being your friend..your extended family and for making US better!!!

We as a team will miss Todd and the others we have lost over the years more than we even know right now, and its heartbreaking to say goodbye....but as believers its not goodbye really...its see you later my friend....we will see you again and it will be forever next time!!!

Thank you everyone for believing in this ministry and the other street ministries. We truly are ABOUT the people. How we can serve them to the best of our ability, how we can show the love of Jesus to them. and we can all say with all assurance Todd knew many loved him, that Jesus loved him and that is a blessing!

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