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Blessed Portion Friday Night Update 11-29-19

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to Amber Gaskill, Nick Reinoehl, Vicki Holman, and her entire crew for shredding 12 turkeys, roasters full of green beans, sweet potatoes, buttered rolls, regular mashed potatoes, desserts, and to Adrienne Clark for bringing Hot Chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows from Panera!! We had TONS of food and from the bottom of our hearts we so appreciate all the hard work that went in to preparing that big of a feast. Also big thanks to Adrienne for stopping at my house and grabbing a few tents as it was starting to sprinkle-- thank you so much!

Tonight we talked about how wonderful BakerStreet Steakhouse is. They again hosted us among several other non for profits this year for a full blown Thanksgiving meal. We also want to thank Wallen Baptist Church for allowing us to use their buses to bring our friends with us each year. We had around 45 and it was wonderful. So nice to see everyone relax and BE served by the cutest little Christ followers! We all laughed, ate too much and for a hour 1/2 it was a way to not think about the junk were facing. Even our friend Jim walked to the restaurant. He said it would save him time if he just walked himself and sure enough he did. We love seeing him smile and letting others be in his life. Please support Baker Street because they support many ministries including us and do not think twice about it!!

Tonight was chilly for sure and yet we served up a lot of food. Tonight we talked about how many of us do not like mice and the best way to get rid of them is to use a trap to bait them. We know they like peanut butter, and cheese so that's usually our first go to and it usually works. 1 Peter 5:8 says "Be sober minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour." So how does that apply to the mouse trap? We shared how satan knows what our weakness' are. Maybe its alcohol, drugs, lust, hatred, pride, self righteousness.... everyone has a weakness. He baits us with whatever our weak spot is and when we respond to that bait we are trapped. So we talked about how its good to know your weak areas and allow the verse "I can do all things through Jesus Christ" to be your weapon against taking the bait. Our one friend who for the past several weeks has been working his way through not killing himself, trying to find truth in his Bible, write it down and then apply it is doing the hard work. The first pic with this post is a part of what he wrote down (and yes I have permission to share it ) I love that he said "His plan for me is still in place and my time here on earth is not done, its just beginning!" PRAISE BE TO GOD! All of you who pray for those we serve please continue to pray, because those prayers are being heard and our friend hopefully is going to continue to know God is in him, loves him, and will never leave him!!!

OK so lastly this week has been busy and we wanted to share with you a little bit of how your donations help us help others. We have a friend who has cancer and was sleeping on a blow up mattress. She will be doing radiation 5 days a week starting next week. She also didn't have a Christmas tree. Her favorite color is purple so guess what? YES we found a purple Christmas tree, was able to get a bed donated to her, and Kathryn Hess just happened to have purple sheets and a comforter!! Our friend graciously allowed us to come and bless her and she was thrilled. A bed is going to feel so much better when going through radiation then a blow up mattress.

Last stop tonight was with a friend and her husband who hasn't had a tree in 15 years. She allowed us to bring her one and help her decorate it. She is a friend of ours through this ministry and we love her very much!!! So we all got home extra late two nights this week but it was so worth it. Obviously a tree, or a bed doesn't save anyone....but it can bring some happiness and maybe just a little notion that God is with them and sees them!

Thank you everyone. We gave out a dozen coats, all the shoes and underwear. So we need boxers, or underwear, men's warm coats and sweatshirts...please NO kid or women's clothes. Just sizes large and above please!! Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summit Church, Hamilton Church of Christ, St Joe Community Church, Sarah Bigelow Lapadot, Auburn Massage & Wellness Ctr. VIP GROUP, MJS Apparel Screen Printing & Embroidery, Mark Stebing, Jennifer Lynne Diederich Stebing, and everyone who keeps those donations coming....we cannot thank you enough!!! Please continue to pray for all those we serve each week...there are so many who are struggling!!! Thank you everyone and have a great weekend!

And please check a few posts down on our Christmas 2019 Christmas bags needs list....we sure want to fill those bags over and above with items.


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