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Update 11-6-2020

Blessed Portion Friday Update for 11-6-2020 Hello Everyone--

Tonight we had perfect weather as you know...sure was nice to have some warm weather and sun!! Thank you Amber Gaskill for making chili, and fruit salad. We had more than enough to go around for everyone. Thank You for helping us out this week! So what happened tonight.....we celebrated Cierra's birthday with cake, flowers and lots of love. She is our sweet friend and we love having her around!! We also heard how 2 friends are 9 months sober!!!! WHOOT HOOT!!!!! So amazing to see people moving forward in life and making it!!!

At the end of our night we went to visit with two friends who are outside. As we sat on the wet cold ground at that point there were no complaints from them. One friend shared several stories of some kind things people have done for him while being outside (jut about two years now) He shared how he had a job, a place to live and a truck. Ended up losing his job, then lost his place because of now way to pay rent. Then lived in his truck until he wrecked is outside. He is in his early 60's and still no complaints. When he was asked how does he keep from being depressed his answer was he prays every night before he goes to sleep and tries to think of something he is grateful for...and and he has everything he needs (which only fits a suitcase and a couple bags.)

As we sat and talked with these two friends and watched how they looked out for eachother it was pretty special. The other friend was getting his bed ready. His bed consisted of two trash bags to lay on and a borrowed blanket the other friend quickly handed him. Of course the moms on our team were concerned and asking if he was really going to be ok....and they quickly said they would. So you may wonder are they alcoholics, drug addicts, lazy.....none of the above. There is shelter but only for a certain amount of time if no rehabilitation is needed. They do need services though and we are on the move of trying to get the help they need as far as contacting 211, the bowen center and whatever else help we can find. For now they sleep outside but I can tell you are the sweetest people we know and they make us smile.

So tonight was good and as always we love what we do and love that God has allowed us to do this each week. We see so many who are doing the right things and just need some assistance. Also love that one of our friends is currently off the streets in a hotel and awaiting permanent housing. He is so happy to have a shower, tv and a bed!! He totally deserves what is happening to him and thankful we don't have to worry about him being on the streets this winter!!!

We will be posting our 2020 Christmas Bag List next week and hope we can again this year fill them to the top. We are not doing as many because we have not been given the green light to continue on at the Rescue Mission at this point. Not sure if that will change, but we hope so as we miss our time on Fridays there. So we are thinking maybe 85 bags will be a good amount to start with.

Thank you to Pathway Community Church, Grace Summitt, Hamilton Church of Christ, Mjs Apparel , Steve Sweet, Forrest and Sonia Radcliff, Claudia Wessner, Cheri and Randy Thomas, Char Williams, Jacquie Aldrich, Kathryn Hess, Christina and Michael, Michael Jordan, Christina King, Laura Mock, and everyone who drops off items for us THANKYOU!!!


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